Art Concentration

Bellevue College is now offering an Academic Concentration in Art that applies to the Associates in Arts and Sciences (DTA) Degree.

A notation of the concentration would be on your official transcript and on your degree, also to be included in the yearly commencement program.

To gain entry into the Art Concentration, you must register with the Art Department Chair, Chad White at:,  (425)-564-2668. You are then assigned an Art Faculty Advisor.

The four classes that must be taken to be considered for the Art Concentration are:

  • ART 110, 2-D Design
  • ART 203, History of Western Art (Modern)
  • Any two of the following second level studio courses:
  • Art 121, Art 151, Art 235, Art 242, Art 247, Art 261, Art 281

It is highly encouraged that Art Concentration students become involved in Art activities on campus including joining the Bellevue College Art Club and volunteering or completing an Internship with Bellevue College’s Art Gallery.

The Art Department Chair will make the final determination whether a student receives the Art Academic Concentration, not the classes the student has taken.

The deadline for submission for art concentration to the Art Dept. is the same as the deadline for your Associates degree but done separately.

Last Updated January 22, 2019