Veterans’ Monument

From the beginning

The monument features a pair of boots engraved with military branch emblems among other imagery and mounted upon a slate with red, white and blue engravings of the military branches. The monument features script reading
“We turn the page together not to forget the past but to embrace the future with all that we have learned.” Sculptor Ross Brown (Bellevue College Art Instructor) “felt it was [his] job as an artist to translate what they were telling me into a visual language. The boots that have been taken off with reliefs of past monuments sculpted on them represents the honoring of the past. The book represents the role of the college in supporting student veterans in their transition from warrior to citizen … It is my hope that this monument will remind us all that we are committed to supporting our veterans past, present and future.” As echoed by BCAV officers Gregory Ham and Pete Smith, both of Veterans of Foreign Wars affiliation, significance is especially held in the intricacies of the piece, drawing ties to personal branch affiliations. Read entire article.

Last Updated November 4, 2020