Mission Statement

Sinicrope actionThe mission of intercollegiate athletics at Bellevue College is to provide a foundation for greater student success both during and after their years in college. The philosophy of the athletic department is to provide athletic programs (sports teams) which promote skills that are applicable towards both athletic competition and personal development. These skills, include but are not limited to; time management, social skill interaction within a diverse (age, race, and gender) population, multiple task handling, goal setting, and perseverance while attempting to reach athletic and academic goals.

Rosters for teams are filled via active recruitment of athletes who enroll at BC to advance both educationally and athletically.

The athletic department at BC has goals and objectives that benefit both the college and the athletes themselves.

  • Increase the number of students transferring to four-year institutions via
    • Enhanced athletic skill development that could promote an athletic scholarship at a four-year institution.
    • Enhanced student retention and graduation rates through a structured year-round athletic program monitored by an athletic coach.
  • Enhance possible opportunities to create professional occupations through the athletics experience.
  • Produce competitive teams and individual athletes which bring positive recognition to the college at a regional, and at times a national level.

BC offers 11 team sports which have solid reputations of being top competitors in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.

Last Updated August 18, 2017