Information Sessions

Learn about Bellevue College’s program providing educational, advocacy, and access services to neurodivergent students in one of our upcoming Information Sessions.

For Fall 2021 (Classes start in August 2021)

The program’s areas of focus include: Executive Functioning, Social Interaction, Self-Advocacy, and Self-Regulation. Students receive individual and group support, and take academic classes designed to increase self-knowledge in career preparation and the above areas of focus. Students concurrently pursue degree paths of their choice from the wide variety of options available at Bellevue College.

Please note that in order to be included in the program, students must view the Information Video below and attend a Q&A Information Session. 

  • Although Information Sessions have concluded for 2021, you can still join us this year!
  • Please watch the video below, and take notes with your questions.
  • You’ll be able to ask your questions at your meeting with us, or you can email, text, or chat with us.
  • After watching the video, go to Next Steps here.

Information Video:

If you would like to explore attending Bellevue College and the Neurodiversity Navigators program starting August 2021, please watch the video below. After watching the video, go to Next Steps here.

The student must watch the video so that they fully understand the program and what they will be doing in the program.  Please take notes with your questions and comments! Note: there’s been a bit of confusion about age – students must be either 18 OR in a high school college program such as Running Start to be part of the program. Please apply even if you’re under 18!

Neurodiversity Navigators is separate from the Disability Resource Center, and has different deadlines. Students may register for accommodations with the Disability Resource Center all year.

Wondering how to choose a college, or if the college you like is ready for you? Watch this video for some ideas on how to decide!

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It’s okay if you’ve missed our Q&A sessions! Although they are over for 2021, the information below will be applicable again for 2022. If you are interested in attending for 2021, please watch the Information video above and go to Next Steps to continue the process!

After watching the video, come for Q&A! Bring your questions and comments to a live online session where we will cover FAQs and also answer your individual questions.

Note: Student attendance is required for participation in program. We take attendance from RSVPs and corresponding webinar log-in.

The 2nd Monday of each month, January – June:

Time: 7 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. Pacific Time

Dates: Mondays, 2022

  • January 10
  • February 14
  • March 14
  • April 11
  • May 9
  • June 13

(RSVP will be opened in November 2021)

After watching the video, go to Next Steps here.

Last Updated June 15, 2021