Current Students




Current Student Events

Find out what’s going on this quarter!  You can find drop dates, campus closed dates, the date & location for the Parent Meeting, and much, much more: Quarterly Calendar. Use the Study Hall for a quiet place to study, work with ASN classmates, or, get support from a Navigation Assistant. For all Autistic students at Bellevue …more about Current Student Events

Study / Work Areas

ASN Study Hall: Quiet space. Need a place to study? Go to the ASN Study Hall for autistic Bellevue College students. Room D275 (follow signs to the BC “Gallery” and go past the Gallery to room D275). Check out the STUDY JAM times to get extra support and study with your classmates! Note: if you are an autistic Bellevue College …more about Study / Work Areas

Tutoring and Writing Support

1) Drop-In Tutoring schedules are posted on the Academic Success Center site here. Drop-In tutoring starts the 2nd week of the quarter! Plan to make it a habit to attend Drop-In Tutoring and start good study habits early! Future you will be glad you did! a) Drop-In Tutoring at the Disability Resource Center (B132) b) The Science …more about Tutoring and Writing Support

Study and Success Skills

Study Skills links from TRIO find them here The 4 P’s of Success: from Multicultural Services read it here