Current Students

Chat with a Peer Mentor

If you have questions or would like support with something, send us a chat on Microsoft Teams! We’re available Monday-Friday from 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

Chat with a Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor Drop-In Support & Other Work Areas

Come to Peer Mentor Drop-Ins to stay on track in classes, get support with Weekly Agenda items (see Weekly Handouts below), connect to resources, and more! Peer Mentors can answer questions, help with organization, and more. You can also reserve a room to meet with a group, study, or just about anything you need!

Drop-In Peer Mentors & Work Areas

Weekly Handouts

Check this page regularly to see the handouts for each week, including the Weekly Student Agenda and Checklist. You’ll also find handouts to support what’s happening in the “life cycle” of a college student – check it out!

All Neurodivergent Students at Bellevue College

We are here for you, whether or not you are enrolled in the full  Neurodiversity Navigators educational program! Use this webpage as a resource – explore the information below to see what’s available.

All Neurodivergent Students

Come to the Neurodiversity Center – B131

If you are a neurodivergent student, you are welcome at the Neurodiversity Center!
You can:

  • Hang out with other students or by yourself in the lounge
  • Use our study carrels for quiet studying
  • Decompress in our Quiet Room
  • Attend a study hall and work with other students

Neurodiversity Resources

Neurodiversity resources including online resources (like blogs and websites created by neurodivergent people), national organizations, student resources for daily living, and recommended books.

Join Neurodiversity Navigators Cohort Program

If you’d like to join the full program, you can start at step 8 on the checklist on the Future Students page after watching our program videos!

Study and Success Skills

You’ll find information from our partners across campus, including TRIO and Early Alert!

Study and Success Skills

Tutoring and Writing Support

Drop-In Tutoring schedules are posted on the Academic Success Center site here. Drop-In tutoring starts the second week of the quarter! Plan to make it a habit to attend Drop-In Tutoring and start good study habits early! Future you will be glad you did! You can also attend Drop-In Tutoring at the Disability Resource Center (U0001)

Tutoring and Writing Support

“How To” Registration Information

Need more information about how to register? You’ll find how-tos, payment information, how to get on a waitlist (and what that means), what to do if you’re in CEO or Running Start, and more!

Last Updated May 14, 2024