Future Students

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve found us! To learn more about the Neurodiversity Navigators (formerly Autism Spectrum Navigators) program, please look at our “Program Information” page.

Entry is Fall only. Start early: some steps take time! Deadline for Fall 2020 is July 10. If you are a current Bellevue College student, please see the All Neurodivergent Students page for how we can work with you right now!

See Notes* below.

If you’re ready to get going, here’s a Next Steps checklist:

*1. Attend an information session.

*2. Apply to Bellevue College. Be sure to mark SUMMER 2020 as your first quarter. (The Neurodiversity Navigators Orientation takes place during Summer Quarter, so be sure to do this!) Learn about eligibility requirements here. Do this as soon as possible, prior to 7/4 (Summer and Fall Registration starts in mid- to late-May) See the Enrollment Calendars here

Note: Although Summer registration ends in late June, you will still be able to register for the Orientation class after that point. However, you will need to register IN PERSON and pay the same day. Please be prepared to do this when you meet with us for your appointment. If your appointment ends close to or after 5 p.m. you may need to return another day to register and pay. 

Students: As a college student, you have a legal right to privacy. If you want your parents or someone else to be included in information, or be able to phone or email on your behalf, you must fill out a Release of Information Form (FERPA form). You will need to bring it, along with photo i.d., to the our office in the Library or to an Information Session.

3. When you receive your Student Identification Number (SID) from the college, create your Bellevue College email address. This is called your NetID. You can do that here: www.bellevuecollege.edu/netid/default.aspx. Be sure to write down or remember your password!

4. Fill out a Request for Appointment form. You will need your Student Identification Number (SID) from Bellevue College to apply, as well as your Bellevue College email address. The purpose of this appointment is for the student to have a conversation with a program administrator to ensure that the student understands the program. Be sure to leave enough time to do Step 5 (below) prior to your appointment time. Appointment Applications close on July 10, 2020, and we must meet with you prior to August 2.

5. Take Math and English assessments. You must assess into English 072 or above for the Neurodiversity Navigators program. We will meet with you once you’ve completed this, so get it done as soon as possible! If you need accommodations on the assessment, check in with the DRC prior to going in to take the assessment. The assessment isn’t timed, however, you can get other accommodations if needed. (Note – we cannot accept your high school transcript for English Assessment – please inquire if you have questions. We can accept ENG 101 completion from other colleges, SBA scores and AP English – all of these must be processed at the Testing Center for verification.) Complete this prior to your meeting with us.  

6. Look for an email from us with important registration information after we’ve met with you. Watch your email, sometime after May 1st! We will mail only students, at their Bellevue College email address, unless we have a signed FERPA release form(Summer and Fall Registration starts in mid- to late-May) See the Enrollment Calendars here 

7. Register for required Neurodiversity Navigators classes and other classes by the deadline given in the email. We cannot hold a spot for you in the program if you have not registered by the deadline. Be sure to also pay for your classes. The college will drop students from classes for non-payment after 6 days, or sooner, depending on when you register. If you register for classes prior to meeting with us, please save time in your schedule for one of the following required courses:


8. Let us know if you have any standing appointments or work obligations that would keep you from being able to meet with a Navigation Assistant (peer mentor) at a particular time (by the deadline given in the email).

9. Pay for your classes! Classes may be dropped by the college for nonpayment. Let us know if you change your schedule. We cannot accommodate schedule changes past August 15th. Once we set your peer mentor appointment, we cannot change it.

10.  Save time in your schedule for the required Orientation. The required Orientation will take place during Summer quarter and will be held as a late-start Summer Quarter hybrid class which meets both online (Week One & Two) and in person (Week Three).The dates are TBD. There is a $215 charge for the Orientation, and currently you will be able to earn 2 restricted-transferable elective credits for it. Students are required to attend this Orientation and must be present for all on-campus sessions, usually during the third week of August from 1-5 p.m. each day.


  1. Please contact us with concerns at asn@bellevuecollege.edu if you are having difficulty with the deadlines – we’re here to help!
  2. We are unable to hold individual information meetings.
  3. Please pay close attention to deadlines for course registration, as well as payment deadlines, and check your Bellevue College email daily for important updates, both from the ASN program and from the College.
  4. All steps must be completed prior to August 2. Orientation class meets during Summer 2019 quarter. Students must attend our Orientation. Please contact us with questions or to problem-solve barriers!

ASN email: asn@bellevuecollege.edu

ASN phone: 425.564.2764

ASN highly recommends that students register with the Disability Resource Center for ADA Testing and Classroom accommodations, however, we do not require it. During our appointment with you, we can discuss this. If you wish to do have classroom and testing accommodations, the steps are below:

  1. Fill out a Disability Resource Center (DRC) Initial Access Form  If you prefer to fill out this form in person, you will find it at the Disability Resource Center – B 132.
  2. Send documentation of disability to the DRC. Ask them if you have questions about this.
  3. A DRC access coordinator will contact you to complete an Initial Access appointment. Watch your email and respond as soon as possible! They will only email the student unless you have a FERPA on file with them. 




Last Updated September 23, 2019