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If you are a current BC student, please see our Current Students page for supports that are available to you as a neurodivergent student at Bellevue College! You can join a cohort each Fall.

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Neurodiversity Navigators operates as a cohort model and accepts students on an annual basis for fall entry, beginning with a summer orientation.  The 2022-23 application cycle is currently closed and the program is full.  The 2023-24 application cycle will begin in January of 2023.

For students joining our cohort program in Summer/Fall 2023

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve found us! Contact us if you need support with applying!

Work through the steps below to join the Neurodiversity Navigators program. 

Download a checklist to keep track of where you are in the process. See full details below.

(Updated checklist coming January 2023.)

  • You must attend Neurodiversity Cohort Summer Orientation (Starts July 17, 2023).
  • Please contact us if you run into barriers, including missed deadlines. NOTE: Deadlines will be updated for 2023 cohort.

*1. Watch Videos & Attend a Q&A information session 

Please watch the videos on the Information Session page first. The second video is the most important if you don’t have time to watch all three. (Scroll down to mid-page to find the videos.)

After you’ve watched the videos, fill out the form to RSVP for a Q&A Information Session. At the Zoom Q&A session, you’ll get a chance to ask any questions you have about the program or how to apply.

*2. Apply to Bellevue College

Be sure to mark SUMMER 2023 as your first quarter. You must apply to the college in early June 2023(The first required course, Neurodiversity Navigators Cohort Orientation, takes place during Summer Quarter, so be sure to do this!)

Learn about eligibility requirements here. Do this as soon as possible.  See the Enrollment Calendars here


a) If you are a Running Start student, or CEO Student, be sure to follow all High School programs guidelines as well. If you are under 18, you will need to apply for Summer Enrichment to register for the required Neurodiversity Navigators Cohort Orientation class. Check with your program for additional information and guidelines. 

3. Create your Bellevue College email address

When you receive your ctcLink ID from the college, create your Bellevue College email address. This is called your NetID. Be sure to write down or remember your password! Be sure to also write down or remember your ctcLink ID and your Bellevue College email address.

As a college student, you have a legal right to privacy. If you want your parents or someone else to be included in information, or be able to phone or email on your behalf, you must fill out a Release of Information Form (FERPA form). Please email this to us from your Bellevue College email address.

4. Determine your English placement.

You must assess into English 072 or above at the Testing Center for the Neurodiversity Navigators program. Tell the Testing Center that you want to be part of the Neurodiversity Navigators program, and copy us into your emails with them. asn@bellevuecollege.edu / testing@bellevuecollege.edu

We will meet with you once you’ve completed this, so get it done as soon as possible! Consider these assessment options before taking the Accuplacer Reading or Writing assessment:

(Note – all placement is determined through the Testing Center. For our program, they cannot accept your high school grades for English Assessment – please inquire if you have questions.) Complete your English placement assessment prior to your meeting with us.  

It’s a good idea to also take your math assessment now. Taking math right away in college will help you retain the information you already know, whether you plan to take one math class or several.

As soon as you have scheduled your appointment with the Testing Center, you can begin the steps below.

5. Attend BC New Student Orientation

New student orientation is available as a live session or as an online self-paced option, your choice! These sessions take approximately 2 hours. You will learn about college services and resources, paying for college, important policies, class registration, and other ways to prepare for success at BC.

6. Meet with an Academic Advisor

Once you know what math and English courses you should take (see Step 4) and you’ve attended BC New Student Orientation (Step 5) you are ready to meet with an Academic Advisor to plan your first quarter classes and talk about your overall plans. Be sure to let them know that you are planning to be part of the Neurodiversity Navigators program and have them include our courses into your academic plan. If they don’t have the list of courses, you can share it with them: Neurodiversity Navigators course sequence.

Additional academic advising tools can be found here.

Be sure to save space in your schedule for the Fall EXPRL 180 Skills for Navigating College and Career class.

a) When planning your fall schedule, be sure to leave space for EXPRL 180: Skills for Navigating College and Career. We recommend taking ONLY Neurodiversity Cohort Summer Orientation for summer. Please save time in your summer activities; see days and times below. You must attend the summer orientation to join the Neurodiversity Navigators program.

  • Neurodiversity Cohort Summer Orientation July 17 – August 3, 2023. Attendance is required. In class and outside of class college-level work will be required. This class is 2 credits and provides restricted-transferable college credit.

  • Fall Quarter Cohort Class: EXPRL 180: Skills for Navigating College and Career. This class is 2 credits and provides restricted-transferable credit. Choose between:
    • Course days and times to be determined

Once the course days and times are determined, you will need to let us know which section of this course you want so we can send you a registration access code.

7. Schedule a meeting with us

Fill out a Request for Appointment form (form will re-open in January 2023) to schedule a meeting with us. You will need your ctcLink ID from Bellevue College to apply, as well as your Bellevue College email address.

The purpose of this appointment is for you to have a conversation with a program administrator to ensure that you understand the program, and to ensure that everything else is in place. We will also talk to you about classes you might want to register for, if you haven’t yet been able to meet with an advisor. Be sure to leave enough time to finish your English assessment (step 4 above) prior to your appointment time.

Appointment Applications close on June 23, 2023, and we must meet with you by July 6. If you’ve missed this deadline, please contact us to see if we still have space and time!

8. Check your Bellevue College email regularly.

After our meeting, look for an email from us with important registration information. Watch your BC email! We will mail only students, at their Bellevue College email address, unless we have a signed FERPA release form. See the Enrollment Calendars here 

9. Register for classes.

Register for required Summer and Fall Neurodiversity Navigators classes and other classes by the deadline given in the email we send you. We cannot hold a spot for you in the program if you have not registered by the deadline. Be sure to also pay for your classes. The college will automatically drop students from classes for non-payment and you will likely not be able to recover the classes.

If you register for classes prior to meeting with us, please save time in your schedule for the following courses:

  • Neurodiversity Navigators Cohort Orientation July 17 – August 3, 2023. Monday through Thursday each week; class times to be determined. Attendance is required. In class and outside of class college-level work will be required. This class is 2 credits and provides restricted-transferable college credit.
  • Fall Quarter Cohort Class: EXPRL 180: Skills for Navigating College and Career. This class is 2 credits and provides restricted-transferable credit. Class days and times to be determined.

We will give you access codes and course registration information once you meet with us. When you register for other fall classes, be sure to leave space for the class listed above. Students in the Neurodiversity Navigators program must take the courses as part of the program each quarter. If you do not wish to take the courses, please contact us for other options!

10. Fill out the Availability Survey.

We will send you the survey in an email. Let us know if you have any standing appointments or work obligations that would keep you from being able to meet with a peer mentor at a particular time (by the deadline given in the email).

11. Pay for your classes!

Classes will be dropped by the college for nonpayment, so be sure to have your Financial Aid or a payment plan in place if you’re not paying for everything at once.

12. Stay in touch with us!

Let us know if you change your schedule for Fall classes. We cannot accommodate schedule changes past August 1. Once we set your peer mentor appointment, we cannot change it.

  1. Please contact us with concerns at asn@bellevuecollege.edu if you are having difficulty with the deadlines – we’re here to help!
  2. We are unable to hold individual information meetings. Please watch the videos then record your questions and email, text, or chat with us about them.
  3. Please pay close attention to deadlines for course registration, as well as payment deadlines, and check your Bellevue College email daily for important updates, both from the Neurodiversity Navigators program and from the College.
  4. All steps must be completed prior to June 24. FYS 101: Neurodiversity Cohort meets during Summer 2022 quarter. Students must attend this. Please contact us with questions or to problem-solve barriers!
  5. If you’ve missed a deadline, please contact us so we can help!

  1. We strongly recommend that students register with the Disability Resource Center for ADA Testing and Classroom accommodations, however, we do not require it. During our appointment with you, we can discuss this. If you wish to have classroom and testing accommodations, the steps are below:
    • Follow the steps on their “Getting Started” page: www.bellevuecollege.edu/drc/getting-started/#get-registered 
    • A DRC access coordinator will contact you to complete an Initial Access appointment. Watch your Bellevue College email and respond as soon as possible! They will email only the student unless you have a FERPA on file with them for others. 
    • The accommodations process takes time! Do this as soon as possible, concurrent with setting things up with us!
  2. Purchase and start reading: On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life (any edition, buy used! There are several options under $10 online.) This book is not required, however, we highly recommend it. Students should read whichever parts interest them.

3. Parents, you may wish to watch this video:

Slide Deck: Preparing for College: What You Can Do NOW

Email: asn@bellevuecollege.edu (best way to contact)

Text: (833) 227-4551

Chat With Us

Phone: 425.564.2764 (if we do not answer, please leave a message and your email address)

Please contact us if you run into any barriers, including missed deadlines.

Not sure you want to use the full program services? Check out the support we provide to all neurodivergent students at Bellevue College. Explore more about Bellevue College here.

Last Updated December 2, 2022