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Fall Quarter is open for registration! Instructor-led online courses are available.

Known for our courses in the visual, literary, and performing arts, the Art & Design Program is structured to deliver quality education to adults. You can revisit an old hobby and improve your technique, or try a completely new artistic discipline of your choice.

Our commitment to offering continuing education to the community means that we offer a variety of schedules to accommodate the busy lives of our students. Choose from weekday courses morning to evening, and weekend classes in the daytime. To find out more about our schedules, please check out the offerings below.

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Ray Pfortner

Photography instructor Ray Pfortner offered one of our free online courses: Documenting History With Your Own Photography: COVID-19 Close to Home. That course filled in less than 24-hours of post date!

Pfortner successfully transitioned his typical in-person spring classes, especially his three TELOS series entirely online. He demonstrates the possibility of creating a wonderful space for learning photography in a virtual environment.

“I initially was disappointed that the in-person class was [transitioned], but after zooming I actually feel that this format has many advantages.” states his student, Bill Thurman.

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