CHEM&161 Placement Exam

CHEM&161 assumes knowledge from an introductory chemistry course, such as CHEM&140, and some basic math and problem solving skills. There are TWO prereqs for CHEM&161:  Intro chem (CHEM&140 with C or better) AND MATH&141 with C or better (precalc).

If you pass this exam, you will have satisfied the chemistry prereq for CHEM&161. (You still need to satisfy the math prereq!)

The exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions. Total test time is 60 minutes. You need to pass with 70% correct to satisfy the chemistry prereq for this course. Calculators are permitted, no cell phones allowed. This periodic table will be provided.

Practice Problems for CHEM&161 Placement Exam

How to take the test   (NOTE: If the placement exam is not offered before your registration period, please contact Testing Services)

Topics Covered on the CHEM&161 Placement Exam

  • Calculations with Exponents/Using scientific notation
  • Problem solving, including solving algebraic equations
  • Measurements using proper number of significant figures
  • Metric Prefixes (M, k, D, d, c, m μ)
  • Conversions (metric to metric, English to metric or vice versa, units raised to a power such as mm3 to cm3, density (d=m/V), molarity (M=mol/L)
  • Stoichiometry and Moles (balancing chemical equations and using mole ratios, calculating molar mass, using Avogadro’s number (6.02E23), using chemical formulas in mole calculations, stoichiometry problems with one reactant in excess, dilution calculations
  • The periodic table: element names and symbols for first 40 elements in the periodic table, classifying elements by types and families (metals vs nonmetals, alkali vs alkaline earth metals, transition metals, halogens, noble gases), atomic structure and A/Z notation, electron configuration, average atomic mass calculation
  • Bonding: Interpretation of chemical formulas, binary ionic and covalent compounds and nomenclature, Lewis structures, Electron Geometry, Molecular Shape



Last Updated January 30, 2018