Chem& 161

About this course

This course is usually required for science/engineering majors and pre-professional health students (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary, etc.) It assumes you’ve had an intro-level chem course, either high school chemistry or an intro chem course in college. (See below for information about prerequisites).

PREREQUISITES ARE CHECKED. Please make sure you are cleared for prereqs – either you will have taken the prereq courses at BC, or you will need to submit your college transcripts if prereqs were completed at another institution. We do not currently accept high school transcripts, but there is a placement exam if you completed intro-level high school chem. More information on this below.


There are TWO prerequisites to take CHEM&161.
How to clear prerequisites at Bellevue College

1) Math: Completion or concurrent enrollment in MATH& 141 (precalculus) or higher, or placement into MATH& 142 or higher.
Information on the math placement exam (Compass Test – Assessment Center)
Math placement exam: Practice Problems

2) Chemistry: CHEM& 140 with a C or better (or equivalent), or by chemistry placement exam.

CHEM& 161 Placement Exam Website

NOTE: If the placement exam is not offered before your registration period, please contact Testing Services.

CHEM& 161 Course Materials:

1) Textbook: Chemistry: Structure and Properties by Nivaldo Tro (Pearson), 1st edition
2) Online Homework System: Mastering Chemistry Online Homework System *Required for all sections of CHEM& 161
3) Safety Goggles
4) Lab Notebook


CHEM& 161 Provided Information:
This periodic table and equations/constants sheet is provided for use on exams to all students in General Chemistry
(CHEM& 161/162/163).
Periodic Table and Equations/Constants

CHEM& 161 Labs:

Check your course syllabus for your class’ specific lab schedule. Print out only the labs below that you will perform. Do not use lab handouts from previous quarters as they are updated frequently.

Lab Notebook Guidelines
Lab Report Guidelines
Lab Safety Sheet –please print and bring to lab

Scientific Measurements new version Fall 2016
The Floating Egg Problem
Spectroscopy and the hydrogen atom
Molecular Models new version Fall 2016
Chemical Formula Detective new version Fall 2016
Juice titration
Synthesis of Aspirin new version Fall 2016
Titration of Synthesized Aspirin new version Fall 2016
Titration of Aspirin Tablets
Beer’s Law new version Fall 2016
The Determination of Avogadro’s Number
Graphical Analysis with Logger Pro (recommended before Beer’s law)









Last Updated November 29, 2017