Chem& 121

About this course

This course is intended as an introductory level general chemistry course, usually for allied-health majors (nursing, nutrition, physical therapy, etc.) If you are a science/engineering major or a pre-professional health major (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc) you will probably need to take CHEM& 140 instead. It is highly recommended that you contact advising to decide if you need this course or not!

PREREQUISITES ARE CHECKED. Please make sure you are cleared for prereqs – either you will have taken the prereq courses at BC, or you will need to submit your college transcripts if prereqs were completed at another institution, or take the math placement exam to meet the prereq.

This course assumes no previous chemistry knowledge, but if you’ve had some physical sciences or chemistry in high school it could be very helpful. Use of proportions, percents, scientific notation, metric system, and algebra are all very useful and required skills for this course.

I. Course Materials

The current textbook is optional for most sections but check with your instructor (in hybrid courses it’s required): Karen Timberlake’s General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: Structures of Life, 6th edition, published by Pearson.

We are currently using a CHEM& 121 Workbook published by Van-Griner. It is sold in the bookstore and includes exercises and lab activities.

The answer key is posted here (updated Fall 2019): CHEM&121 Workbook Key F2019

II. CHEM& 121 Labs

Periodic Table and List of Polyatomic Ions, Constants, and Equations new Fall 2016
Periodic Table
List of Polyatomic Ions
Lab Safety Rules
Lab Safety Worksheet
Taking Measurements
Chemical Resources About Hazards

Lab Experiments

Measurements new version Fall 2016
Caloric Content of Food
Chemical Changes
Spectroscopy new version Winter 2017
Nuclear Chemistry new version Fall 2016
Hydrogen and Oxygen
Stoichiometric Analysis of Antacid new version Fall 2016
Ionic Solutions new version Fall 2016
Acids, Bases, and Buffers new version Fall 2016
Chemical Detective

updated 9-16-16

Activities & other labs

Popcorn: Water in a mixture
Iron in fortified cereal
Molecular Models
Counting Particles
Exploring Gases

updated 4-3-2015

III. CHEM& 121 Exercises

Handout NameRelevant Chapters in Timberlake
Metric SearchChapter 1
Metric SystemChapter 1
DensityChapter 1
TemperatureChapter 2
Heat calculationsChapter 2
Periodic Table SearchChapter 3
Moles within molesChapter 6
The MoleChapter 6
Empirical and Molecular FormulasChapter 6
Differences between Ionic and Molecular CompoundsChapter 5
Nomenclature and Writing Formulas
Ionic CompoundsChapter 5
Covalent CompoundsChapter 5
AcidsChapter 10
Nomenclature Practice Set A (ionic), set B & C (ionic and covalent)Chapter 5
Balancing Symbolic EquationsChapter 6
Balancing Word EquationsChapter 5, 6
StoichiometryChapter 6
Worksheet I
Worksheet II
MolarityChapter 8
DilutionChapter 8
pH ConceptChapter 10

IV. Other resources

Brett’s Chem 121 Final Exams

ACS final practice exam – multiple choice format

Last Updated September 20, 2019