Chem& 162


CHEM& 161 with a C or better.
How to clear prerequisites at Bellevue College

CHEM& 162 Course Materials:

1) Textbook: Chemistry: Structure and Properties by Nivaldo Tro (Pearson), 1st edition
2) Online Homework System: Mastering Chemistry Online Homework System *Required for all CHEM& 162 sections.
3) Safety Goggles
4) Lab Notebook *Required starting Winter 2014.

CHEM& 162 Provided Information:

This periodic table and equations/constants sheet is provided to all students in General Chemistry (CHEM& 161/162/163).
It is recommended that you print it out and use it during the quarter: Periodic Table and Equations/Constants

CHEM& 162 Laboratory:

Check your course syllabus for your class’ specific lab schedule. Print out only the labs below that you will perform. Do not use lab handouts from previous quarters as they are updated frequently.


Lab Notebook Guidelines
Lab Report Guidelines
Lab Safety Sheet –please print and bring to lab

Lab Experiments:

Logger Pro/Excel Activity
Exp 1 Periodic behavior of metals (This lab is not being done by most instructors – please check your syllabus!!!)
Exp 2 Heat of Combustion: Magnesium
Exp 3 Evaporative Cooling new version Fall 2016
Exp 4 Soaps and Detergents
Exp 5 Emprical Gas Laws in three parts:
Exp 5A – Part 1/2 – Pressure-Volume and Pressure-Temperature
Exp 5B – Part 3 – Determining the Universal Gas Constant, R
Exp 6 Vapor Pressure of Liquids
Exp 7 Understanding Crystal Structures
Exp 7b Growing Crystals Optional lab (see your instructor/syllabus)
Iodine Clock Reaction edited March 2014
Exp 8 – Crystal Violet Kinetics – edited March 2014
Exp 9 Freezing Point Depression new version Fall 2016
Exp 10 Organic Molecular Modeling

Acknowledgement: This lab manual was created by chemistry faculty with the support of the BC Foundation mini-grant program.


Last Updated November 12, 2019