Chem& 163


CHEM& 162 with a C or better.
How to clear prerequisites at Bellevue College

CHEM& 163 Course Materials:

1) Textbook: Chemistry: Structure and Properties by Nivaldo Tro (Pearson), 1st edition
2) Online Homework System: Mastering Chemistry Online Homework System *Required starting Spring 2014.
3) Safety Goggles
4) Lab Notebook


CHEM& 163 Provided Information:

This periodic table and equations/constants sheet is provided to all students in General Chemistry (CHEM& 161/162/163).
Periodic Table and Equations/Constants

Lab Notebook Guidelines
Lab Report Guidelines
Lab Safety Sheet –please print and bring to lab

CHEM& 163 Lab Manual

Check your course syllabus for the lab schedule. Print out only the labs below that you will perform. Put the printouts in a folder/binder and be prepared on the first day of lab! Make sure you have the most recent version of these labs. Do not use lab handouts from previous quarters as they are updated frequently.

Lab 1 Chemical Equilibrium: Finding a Constant Kc

Lab 2 Properties of Systems in Chemical Equilibria

Lab 3: Acid Base Titration

Lab 4: Designing and Preparing a Buffer

Lab 5: Phosphoric Acid in Cola

Lab 6: Using Thermodynamic Data to Predict Precipitation Reactions

Lab 7: Establishing a table of reduction potentials: Microvolatic cells

Lab 8: Ligand Substitution in Transition Metal Complexes

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