Independent Study

HD 199 Individual Studies in Human Development (HD) covers directed readings, special projects, and independent study by an individual student.

Prior to pursuing a HD Independent Study, check the Bellevue College Class Schedule for a full listing of HD courses. Most HD classes are 2-3 units (credits) and are offered in a variety of formats: online, in-person weekend, hybrid, and late start.

HD 199 may range from 1-5 units, but most counselors accept no more than 2-units.

  • Independent Study Topics:
    • Assertive Communication
    • Career Exploration
    • Health and Wellness
    • Mental Health
    • Mindfulness
    • Motivation
    • Relationships
    • Self-Esteem
    • Stress Management
    • Study Skills

HD 199: Course Guidelines for Students

Please take the following steps when applying for Independent Study.

  1. Prior to the start of the quarter, contact the Counseling Center/Human Development Program Chair: Steven Martel to discuss your interest in arranging an independent study and include the following information.
    1. What topic(s) you are interested in.
    2. How many credits you would like to take.
  2. The Program Chair will connect with the Counseling Center/Human Development faculty to see if anyone is available and willing to take on an independent study student.
  3. If a faculty member is willing to provide an independent study, the Program Chair will contact you to arrange a time to meet with the assigned faculty member.
    1. Prior to your meeting:
      1. Give some thought to the subject that you wish to pursue and be prepared to present an idea to the faculty member with whom you meet.
        1. You may be required to write an independent study proposal.
    2. During the meeting:
      1. Be prepared to complete the Independent Study Contract [PDF] with the faculty member.
        1. You and the faculty member will discuss the contract and make an agreement about assignments and evaluations and set up additional appointments during the quarter.
    3. During the quarter:
      1. Maintain a time log of activities during the quarter to reflect the amount of time spent on the project. Each credit requires approximately 15 hours of work during the quarter. Submit the time log with the final project.

You can enroll in independent study credits according to the following timeline:

  • Students need to enroll by the 10th day of the quarter.
    • In extenuating circumstances, you may be allowed to enroll in an independent study after the 10th day of the quarter, but this is not guaranteed.

Note: Other departments on campus also offer independent study courses. Select a subject area that is appropriate to your major or interest area.

Last Updated September 26, 2022