Personal Counseling

  • Use the links below to complete various forms for the Counseling Center.
    • Intake/Demographics: Provide information regarding the reason for your visit.
    •  Informed Consent’ for the counselor you are meeting with. This form discusses your rights and responsibilities as an individual seeking counseling services, it also discusses confidentiality.
      • All records pertaining to your counseling experience are confidential and are not part of your academic record. Any information disclosed by you to your counselor is confidential and may not be revealed to anyone outside of the BC Counseling Center without your written permission (see ‘Authorization for Release of Information for Counseling Services’ below).
      • During your first appointment, you and your counselor will review and sign the Informed Consent explaining our services, confidentiality, and the limits to confidentiality.
    • Authorization for Release of Information for Counseling Services’This form grants the BC Counseling Center permission to disclose specified information to a third party.
  • Intake Form, Informed Consent, and Release of Information for Counseling

Last Updated March 17, 2022