Academically Dismissed Students:

Probationary Students

The counselors at Bellevue College are eager to assist you in achieving your educational goals. If you are on academic probation student and have questions about the process or have lost your letter or next step form, please see below. If you are a new probationary student and want to schedule an appointment with a counselor please contact the Counseling Center’s Administrative Assistant Pavy Thao at

Personal Counseling

All records pertaining to your counseling experience are confidential and are not part of your academic record. Any information disclosed by you to your counselor is confidential and may not be revealed to anyone outside of the BC Counseling Center without your written permission (See Release of Information document below). If you are engaging in personal counseling you will need to complete the Intake Form for Counseling (see below). During your first appointment, you and your counselor will review and sign the BC Informed Consent explaining our services, confidentiality, and the limits to confidentiality. The BC Informed Consent is available from our front desk as well as your counselor.


***If you would like to forward your BC email to your personal email account please click here for instructions.***