Faculty Resources

As STEM faculty, you can have an impact in supporting continuing efforts to improve outcomes for disabled students and other oppressed and repressed student populations navigating STEM!

BC Navigators Programs (Neurodiversity Navigators, Disabled Students Navigating STEM) has been granted funding from Microsoft Corporation to provide equity-educated faculty in STEM fields with Course Navigators in their classrooms so that the faculty has more time to focus on proactive and supportive equity efforts.

Below are some resources for you, if you’d like to learn more about supporting students in your classes.

Bellevue College resources (sometimes a stipend)

  • Equity workshops at Faculty Professional Development days or within your division

Outside packaged resources (no fee)

For further exploration

This program is currently not providing support past June 2023. Please see Neurodiversity Navigators Faculty Resources for more information and support.

Last Updated January 1, 2023