Read current and archived Bellevue College publications here. Please note that information contained in these publications is subject to change.

Academic/Student Central Calendar

Important dates and deadlines.

Annual Reports

Read about college achievements, student, faculty and staff accomplishments, and the ways that BC contributes to the community.

BC Facts at a Glance

A PDF version of the Facts at a Glance booklet containing information about Bellevue College.

Campus Calendar

A PDF calendar showing holidays, workshops, and major academic events.

Class Schedules

View current Bellevue College class schedules and an archive of recent schedules (PDF versions).

Course Catalogs

Current online course catalog and archive of recent academic years (PDF versions).


The Bellevue College Magazine in Web format.

Master Plan 2008-2018

This document provides a comprehensive plan for growth in a manner that supports the fundamental instructional mission of the College.

Publication & Style Guide

This style guide was designed to help those writing and designing on Bellevue College’s behalf to promote consistent messaging and style. The standards presented here should be consistently applied in every form of communication representing the College.

Student Handbook

A PDF version of the 2018-19 Bellevue College Student Handbook.

Publications Manager: Sharon Berg