Bellevue College's T building.

General Information

In order to be transparent with the Bellevue College community as well as current and future donors, we are happy to provide recent Annual Reports. Audited financials such as a recent Financial Statement and our most recent Form 990 are available upon request.

We understand that donors want to spend their money where it can do the most good. Based on our financial stability, wise investments, and leveraging of our resources to help the most students, we hope you see that you can place your trust in us.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports spell out the Foundation’s activities and financial condition.

Audited Financial Reports

Tax-exempt organizations are required to file other, specific information related to finances with the IRS. Form 990, for example, breaks down our revenue and expenses, including salaries, expenditures, and program costs. We are happy to provide this information upon request.

Last Updated November 20, 2023