An interview with Stacie Whittaker, R.T.(R)(VI)(ARRT)

An interview with Stacie Whittaker, R.T.(R)(VI)(ARRT), Radiation & Imaging Sciences Graduate

Q: What makes this field interesting?

A: Interventional Radiology is awesome, we are literally the right hand man to the physician.  There is such a great variety of exams, we work on everything from the brain to the big toe, literally!  As an IR tech you’re not just providing a diagnosis you are actually fixing them through a great variety of exams to include: Y-90 for liver cancer, TIPS , embolizations, atherectomy, stenting, dialysis access, peripheral vascular studies, drainage tubes, stroke intervention, thrombolysis and the list goes on. It is a great feeling to know you are changing peoples lives.

Q: How did this course impact your career?

A: This course was needed to start my career in IR.  When I took the course it was on campus and we received hands on experience with the equipment.  The course instructor was an active IR tech that had lots of first line knowledge and prepared us for the registry.

Q: Why should the student ‘care’ about getting into IR?

A: Interventional Radiology is a growing field, when people are not candidates for surgery they come to us. We can fix most things with a small nick in the skin. We save lives with less complications of surgery.

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Last Updated December 4, 2018