November 2018

An Interview with Serena Winham

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What makes this field interesting? To me, the most interesting thing about Interventional Radiology is the sheer potential of the field and the active role the technologist plays in it. Interventional techniques are rapidly evolving due to changing technology and IR has revolutionized the fields of neuro, cardiac, vascular, and general surgery- not to mention ...more about An Interview with Serena Winham

What is Interventional Radiology?

Interventional Radiology (IR) is one of the most technologically advanced imaging specialties of medicine that has pioneered some of medicine’s greatest advancements including angioplasty and stenting. In the past year interventional radiology has exponentially grown with minimally invasive image-guided techniques. Interventional radiology is a highly specialized branch of radiology where procedures are performed in an OR type room (Angio ...more about What is Interventional Radiology?