AA Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in radiology but am unsure where to begin. What steps should I take?

Your first step is to attend the required program information session. All applicants are required to attend at least one information session as part of the program application requirements.

How many students are admitted to the program each year?

Approximately 30 students may be admitted each year to the Radiologic Technology program with the curriculum beginning in July.

When should I apply?

Applications to the program are open from December 1st to February 15th of each year for the class beginning the following summer quarter. For more information go to How to Apply page.

Where should I send the completed application?

Program applications are completely done online. All supporting documents are uploaded with your application. Follow instructions on How to Apply page.

Are my prerequisite grades important?

The Program Director will review your current college grades for the prerequisite courses. The course prerequisites must be completed with a minimum grade point of 2.7 (in each class).

Do I need to complete all prerequisite courses?

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to starting the Radiologic Technology program. You may apply to the program before your prerequisites are completed as long as you demonstrate the ability to complete them before the program begins. Applicants who have completed all their prerequisites by the end of winter quarter are given priority in the admission process.

Do I need to complete the prerequisite courses at Bellevue College?

Prerequisite courses may be completed at any accredited community or four year college. It’s the student’s responsibility to make sure that courses taken at other institutions of higher education meet the curriculum context of Bellevue College courses. If you have previous or future coursework and would like to find out if they would satisfy any of the prerequisite courses for the program please go to acceptable/equivalent courses.

Do I attend class during the summer quarter?

Yes. Students begin the program with an eight week quarter in July of the first summer. During the second summer quarter students attend clinical education 40 hours per week for eleven weeks.

Do I receive all my clinical education instruction at one clinical education center?

During the first year of the program, you will be assigned to one primary clinical site where you will receive the majority of your clinical instruction. Second year students rotate through an alternate clinical site for four weeks, and Harborview Medical Center for three weeks.

How are students selected for the program?

Prospective students are evaluated in the areas of academic ability, communication skills, professionalism, and interest and knowledge in the field. An interview with the program’s Admissions Committee is required. Interviews normally take place in April.

Can the program be taken part-time?

No. The program is designed for full-time attendance.

How many hours a day will I be in class?

During fall, winter and spring of the first year you will be attending clinical education for eight hours on Tuesday and Thursdays. You will be attending classes on the Bellevue College campus on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the last class of the day ending around 3:00 p.m. During the summer between the first and second year you will be attending clinical education for eight hours a day, five days a week for eleven week. During fall, winter and spring of the second year you will be attending clinical education for eight hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for eight hours each day. You will be attending classes on campus on Tuesday and Thursday with the last class ending around 1:00 pm

What is your 1st attempt pass rate on the national ARRT registry exam?

YearPass Rate Percentage

What is your program’s completion rate?

YearProgram Completion Rate

Is Bellevue College’s Radiologic Technology program accredited?

Bellevue College is regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges and Universities of the Northwest Association of Schools and of Colleges and Universities, this accreditation meets the ARRT requirements for registry eligibility.

Last Updated March 19, 2024