AA Application Instructions

2022 Applications will open on December 1, 2021.

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Radiologic Technology Associates of Arts program. We are excited at the possibility of you joining the Bellevue College Bulldog family and becoming a Radiologic Technology professional! Please carefully review the application below. Incomplete applications will not be considered for acceptance.

Application Timeline (2022 Applications)

  • Applications accepted – December 1, 2021 to February 15, 2022
  • Interview letters –  First week of April 2022
  • Interviews – To be determined (usually last Thursday and Friday in April and First Friday in May)
  • Acceptance Letters – To be determined (3rd or 4th week in May)

Application Checklist

Step 1: Apply to Bellevue College for General Admission

Arrow - Step 1

If you are a first time BC student or a previous BC student who is returning to the college after four or more quarters, you must apply to the college first. Current BC students may skip Step 1 and start at Step 2. Complete Step 1 at least three weeks prior to the final application deadline. Processing time is typically 5-10 business days. A $55 admission application and processing fee will be applied to your account your first quarter of classes. 

Step 2: Download and Complete the RadiologicTechnologyApplicationForm2021

Arrow - Step 2

This form will be submitted with your online application. Please save it as a .pdf file format.

Step 3: Review the RATEC-Application-Instruction-Sheet_2021 and Prepare Your Materials

Arrow - Step 3

Prepare the required Information and documents. Do not proceed to Step 4 without completing this step.

Refer to the Instruction sheet for details on the following:

  • Unofficial copies of transcript/s.
  • Date of attendance for the information session – all applicants are required to attend an information session or completion of the Virtual Information Session.
  • Personal Statement or Re-applicant Statement
  • Patient care experience

Step 4: Complete the Radiologic Technology online application. Opens Dec. 1 2021.

Arrow - Apply Now

Make sure you have all information and documents ready before you begin. Once you start the application, you cannot save and you will have to start over each time you log out. There is a $40.00 non-refundable program application fee. Please check your email for confirmation that we have
received your application. If you did not receive confirmation after submitting your online application alert us by sending an email to imagingprograms@bellevuecollege.edu .

Last Updated October 12, 2021