General Advising:

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Sociology Advising Tips:

For very useful information about choosing which Sociology courses to take, attaining an Academic Concentration, and double majoring, watch the following video by Denise Johnson, Professor of Sociology.  It will be helpful to you!


Did you know that Bellevue College has a resource called “Degree Audit,” that allows you to type in your student ID number, choose what kind of degree you want to pursue, and then it will calculate all the classes you still need to take?  It is a VITAL resource when planning your course schedule and academic path.  It plugs in all the classes you’ve already taken and shows you what you still need to take.  It’s amazing how many students don’t know about Degree Audit, and it can save you HOURS of planning.  Explore Degree Audit.  We recommend that you refer to it often.

Last Updated April 26, 2022