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The social sciences are often seen as occupying a position between the natural sciences and the humanities and to overlap with both types of disciplines. In fact, some of the courses listed within BC’s Social Science Division are offered for natural science credit while others are offered as humanities credit.

But no matter the listing of the course, all social scientists are dedicated to the deepening of our knowledge of humanity and the complexity and richness of the human situation.

Retreat Time

Date posted: October 14, 2014
Social Science Annual Retreat 2014 postcard

Prior to fall quarter kicking off, the Social Sciences department held our annual retreat at Redhook Brewery.   The day was filled with great speakers, excellent panels, interesting discussions, fun activities and jokes and of course the wonderful food and atmosphere of Redhook Brewery’s signature grounds in Woodinville.     Here are a couple of the activities …more about Retreat Time