Sara Sutler-Cohen Picture

Sara Sutler-Cohen

Adjunct Professor


Sara Sutler-Cohen is a writer, editor, indexer, researcher, faculty and graduate student mentor, career development specialist, and part-time professor. For over twenty years, her work has revolved around curriculum design (specializing in online and hybrid), mentoring, and university teaching, though most recently she’s returned creative writing (memoir, poetry, and fiction). She has an added background in educational administration and now freelances as a Coach and Mentor for a diverse range of people from college and graduate students and new faculty to folks experiencing career changes.


She has been a full-time tenured faculty member, a department chair, a Dean, and the Programming Director for a film festival and a music festival/academic conference.


Sara is currently working on her memoir, a cookbook, two novels, and a collection of short stories. Want to know more? Check out her website:



Introduction to Sociology; Religion and Our Social World; Death & Dying; Technology in Everyday Life; Social Problems; Identity, Self, & Social Interaction; City Life & Culture; Sociology of Race & Ethnicity; Television, Culture and Society; Popular Culture