Surveys: Qualtrics

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A survey tool called Qualtrics is available for use by Bellevue College employees. If you are currently using another tool for surveying such as SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, etc., you may want to consider switching to Qualtrics.

If you will be conducting a survey at Bellevue College, per college procedures 1360P you will need to submit a Survey Submission Form to the Office of Effectiveness, Research & Analytics to conduct any “major” surveys.

A major survey refers to those that are distributed to 20 or more individuals using college resources such as electronic communications for distribution. Also, the college defines a survey as the use of questionnaires or interviews to collect information or opinions from specific populations, including questionnaires distributed through hard copy or digital formats. Effectiveness, Research & Analytics will review your request and will let you know if and when your survey is approved.

Before you begin surveying:

All surveys must comply with Bellevue College’s policies relating to the prevention of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation (1440P). In addition, surveys need to comply with the following:

Survey Services provided by the college:

The Office of Effectiveness and Research, and Analytics provides the following survey services to assist you throughout the process:

  • Help with defining the purpose and scope of surveys based on stakeholder requests, needs, and the target audience.
  • Collaboration on survey design – you can draft and our office can review and make recommendations, or we can draft and you can review and make final decisions.
  • Implement the survey in your own Qualtrics account under the Bellevue College Qualtrics License, or in the Effectiveness and Research managed Qualtrics account.
  • Advise on survey dissemination strategies.
    • In many cases, you will be responsible for assembling the target population email list (if applicable) and for survey dissemination.
  • Develop survey reports and help analyze the survey (only if the survey is managed through the Effectiveness and Research Qualtrics account).

Please contact Arseniy Minasov, Survey and Evaluation Manager, for survey assistance.

Technical Support

To access Qualtrics, click on the log in button at the top of this page. You will use your Bellevue College credentials to log in. For technical assistance, Qualtrics has a Support Portal where you can watch instructional videos on how to build content within Qualtrics. You can also reach out to Qualtrics should anything go wrong within the tool. If you need additional support, you can submit a ticket.