What Is Work-Study?

Piggy Bank on Books

When you apply for Financial Aid, Work-Study is one of several types of aid you may qualify for. Other types of aid include loans, grants, and scholarships.

Unlike other forms of financial aid, Work-Study is not applied directly to your tuition account. Instead, if you’re eligible for Work-Study, you can work at a job and receive a paycheck twice a month. Most Work-Study jobs are on campus, but several are off campus.

The name “Work-Study” is a bit confusing: you can’t usually study while you’re working at these jobs. But these are jobs that are designed for students, and they usually allow you to schedule work around your classes. Whether you work on or off campus, you may not work more than 19 hours per week while school is in session.

On-Campus Jobs

Once your Work-Study application is approved, you’ll be cleared to start looking for jobs online. All on-campus Work-Study positions are posted on our CONNECT! website. In order to apply for these positions, you will need to create a CONNECT account and upload a resume. Once you have a resume on CONNECT, you can apply to Work-Study opportunities posted there.

Working on campus has some significant advantages. You save time by commuting to only one place, and it’s much easier to connect to campus resources and communities if you’re already here on campus.

As such, working on campus is popular, and there aren’t enough jobs for all the students who want them. Because of this, Bellevue College has some rules to ensure that all students have equal access to these jobs. You can only apply to 6 different Work-Study jobs in any given quarter. And you can use your Work-Study funds on campus for no more than 7 quarters (14 quarters for students in baccalaureate degree programs). After 7 quarters, a student is no longer eligible for on-campus Work-Study positions. However, such students can definitely continue to use their Work-Study off campus. The Work-Study coordinators can help you connect to off-campus employers.

Off-Campus Jobs

You may be able to get a Work-Study job off-campus. Employers post these jobs on our CONNECT! website. Some students locate such positions on their own. If you locate an off-campus Work-Study position, the employer must have a Work-Study contract with Bellevue College. If the company does not already have a contract with the college, they can contact a Work-Study coordinator at (425) 564-2279.

Last Updated March 9, 2016