We do not have placement tests to determine which class fits your level of expertise.  Generally speaking, one year of high school World Language equals one quarter at Bellevue College.  So, if you are a recent graduate, and were a good student, and say you have completed two years at the high school level, you would enroll into a 123 level course.  If you have completed three or more years at the high school level, you should enroll into the 221 level.

If you have forgotten everything, you may need to start at 121 again, even though you would only earn elective credit for the courses you are repeating from high school.  You should also take 121 if you are an absolute beginner.

If you still are not sure where you should be placed, we encourage you to contact a faculty member who teaches the language in which you want to enroll.  Go to specific language links on this site for more information on placement.

In the event that a course is closed, students can contact a faculty member teaching the course.

Last Updated July 11, 2023