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Arab World

This course (Arabic 121, 122, 123)  is designed to introduce you to the Modern Standard Arabic language (MSA) used throughout the Arab World. In addition, each Arab country has its dialect, which is derived from the MSA. This course is geared toward writing Arabic Alphabet, pronunciation, and basic grammar using: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This involves intensive classroom interaction and out-of-class assignments.

The course objective is to develop fluency in pronunciation and writing of Arabic letters, acquire basic language structure and vocabulary, and learn about the culture and diversity in the Arab-speaking World.

Learning Arabic is challenging but a highly rewarded process that requires patience and practice.

Class Descriptions

ARAB 121: Arabic I – 5 credits

ARAB 122: Arabic II – 5 credits

ARAB 123: Arabic III – 5 credits

Last Updated July 11, 2023