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We offer workshops that are available to all Bellevue College students and staff. No registration required, just show up during the day and time listed.


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All of our workshops are located in D204 – the Academic Success Center

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NewsTalk- ESL & NewsTalk is a weekly workshop series for English Language Learning (ELL) students to learn different reading skills, like skimming and finding the main idea. Together, we practice applying these skills to the articles that are directly related to the students’ lives here in the US. In addition, students can develop their speaking skills by contributing to the discussions as they share their thoughts and reactions to the weekly topics with the group. EVERY Wednesday - June 29th - August 3rd4:00 - 5:30pmAna Haerkoenen
American Idioms and Expressions
Do you keep reading and hearing American phrases that make no sense? Do they “drive you up a wall”, and are they the “bane of your existence”? Come to this workshop to learn and practice methods to help understand and use American idioms.
Monday, July 25th11:30am - 12:20pmReading Lab
Reading Faster
Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of reading your college teachers give you? Reading too slowly not only takes a lot of time but also affects how well you understand the reading. This workshop will teach you skills to measure your reading speed as well as tips and exercises to practice reading faster.
Wednesday, July 27th2:00 - 3:30pmReading Lab
Vocabulary in Context: Strategies for Reading without a Dictionary
Do you have to stop reading and use a dictionary every time you don’t know the meaning of a word? There are hundreds of thousands of words in the English, so it is impossible to know what all words mean. But don’t worry, there is another way! Come to this workshop to learn and practice strategies that can help you understand vocabulary as you read.
Monday, August 1st2:30 - 4:00pmReading Lab



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