Faculty Resources

FERPA information:
You’ve asked us – “Can I email my student their grades?”

The answer is “Yes!”

FERPA law requires that you keep certain student information confidential, which can be released only with written permission from the student. All students in the Autism Spectrum Navigators program have given us this written permission in order to receive information regarding their attendance in your class, class participation and current grade. Periodically, you will receive an email from your student, asking that you share that information with them, and with their Navigation Assistant. Please rest assured that you may share this information with your student, your student’s Navigation Assistant, and the ASN Program Manager. Should you prefer to give your student this information in person, please share it in written format, so they can then share it with the necessary support persons.

Students should not be expected to make an appointment in order to receive this information from you, unless you have specific problems you feel would be best addressed in a face-to-face meeting.

Working with Autistic Students information sheet

(Download PDF here)

A typical autistic college student is in class because they want to be there, and they are working very hard to pay attention, complete their work and understand and execute what is expected of them. If you experience difficulty with a student, the best course of action is to be direct and kind, and always assume that the student has the best intentions. The Disability Resource Center and the Autism Spectrum Navigators program can offer assistance with communication or other difficulties that may arise.