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With professional training to enhance your skills or open career paths and personal enrichment programs to help you follow your passion, Bellevue College Continuing Education has something for you. Flexible day, evening, and weekend offerings range from standalone courses to comprehensive certificate programs and make it easy to learn a skill today that you can apply tomorrow.

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From Passion to Profession: The New Digital Photography Certificate

The art of photography touches the lives of many through the lens of a photographer with a vision for telling a story. The new Digital Photography Certificate is a specialized program designed to provide aspiring and experienced photographers with to More »

A Holistic Approach to Business: Lean Boot Camp

Wouldn’t it be nice to do more business with less? Instructor Tom Fabrizio knows the key to increasing productivity and growing a business is dependent upon effective and efficient processes. Bellevue College Continuing Education is excited to begi More »

Keep Your IT Knowledge Current with Continuing Education

In today’s competitive job market, employees must stay on top of cutting edge innovations and changes within industries if they want to succeed. Many individuals have looked to their employers for additional training and education in hopes of gaini More »