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With professional training to enhance your skills or open career paths and personal enrichment programs to help you follow your passion, Bellevue College Continuing Education has something for you. Flexible day, evening, and weekend offerings range from standalone courses to comprehensive certificate programs and make it easy to learn a skill today that you can apply tomorrow.

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10 Pro Tips to Learn Anything Fast

Sharpen your mind and boost your personal development by discovering how to learn more efficiently. Lifelong learners are passionate about expanding their minds, increasing knowledge, and finding the fastest and easiest ways to achieve more. You too More »

Spring Certificate Open House: March 26th 5 – 7pm

Individuals seeking to gain new skills for personal and professional development will have the opportunity to attend information sessions and meet instructors at the Spring Certificate Open House. Sessions are designed to provide attendees with a qu More »

New Class: Change One Room, Change Your Life

To some people, redesigning a room is a therapeutic past-time that helps to calm and refocus one’s mind. To others, it can be a daunting task that gets easily put off only to eventually pile up and become too much to handle. A happy medium exists, More »