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With professional training to enhance your skills or open career paths and personal enrichment programs to help you follow your passion, Bellevue College Continuing Education has something for you. Flexible day, evening, and weekend offerings range from standalone courses to comprehensive certificate programs and make it easy to learn a skill today that you can apply tomorrow.

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Enrollment jumps at Washington’s largest community college

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Making the important decision to take classes on top of your already busy schedule means that you want to do it right from the start. Naturally, going back to school this time around will be a bit different than your high school or college days. & More »

How to Be Successful at Continuing Education After a Break From School

You thought you were done with school forever, that it was the last time you would ever have to turn in homework, yet here you are again joining the ranks of lifelong learners. Going back to school can seem like a scary prospect after taking an exten More »