Cooperative Preschool

For: Children 3-5 years-old on August 31 for the school year beginning the following fall quarter.


Research clearly indicates meaningful parent involvement in schools is one of the most powerful predictors of high student achievement and healthy development. During the early years, there is no better way to begin this involvement than by joining the Cooperative Preschool Program. With the child at the center, there is a triangle of support for his or her preschool education: your child’s preschool teacher, a Bellevue College Parent Education instructor, and you, the parent.

Here are your responsibilities as a parent in the program:

  • Periodically helping in the classroom
  • Attending monthly parent meetings where you enjoy a lecture and discussion on topics related to child development and behavior guidance presented by your Parent Education Instructor
  • Participating in the business of the non-profit Cooperative Preschool, guided by the preschool board

The best part of this preschool experience is having your child clearly receive this message: “My school is so important, my parents give it the most precious commodity they have – their time and attention.”

How it Works

Parents and their children enroll in the cooperative classes according to the child’s age. There are classes for parents with three, four and five year olds. Some classes are mixed ages (multi-age classes). Children are guided by a trained teacher, with the parents assisting in a variety of activities that include music, story time, art experiences and special excursions. Both parent and child learn by doing. Parents learn guidance techniques by working with the children, and in this way, develop a better understanding of their own and others’ children. Parents are encouraged to continue to develop concepts and experiences with their own children at home. Administrative skills are also a valuable part of the program, as parents take on management roles in supervising the preschool’s business affairs. Evening parent education classes are held each month, which¬†include:

  • Lectures
  • Videos
  • Discussion groups on topics such as:
    • Developmental sequences
    • Sex and sexuality
    • Children’s emotions
    • Sibling rivalry
    • Consumer awareness
    • Discipline
    • Family communication

How to Register

Your child must be 3-5 by August 31 for the school year beginning the following fall quarter, with some exceptions, as noted in the schedule. Since registration policies vary greatly between the co-op preschool classes, please contact the individual registrars as soon as possible for observation times, registration dates and more specific information Call the Registrar listed for the co-op class of your choice to register. If you find that the co-op Registrar is unavailable (think “summer vacation,” maybe), please contact Wendy, the Registrar for our one-day-a-week classes, for interim assistance. Please note that each individual co-op Board sets tuition.

Schedule below is for 2014-2015 school year.

Co-Op Location
Day & Time
Mercer Island Learning Lab 3's70463'sT,Th
Susancontact Registrar
Mercer Island Learning Lab 4's70564'sM,W,F
Gretchancontact Registrar
Mercer Island Learning Lab 5's7059Explore More
4 3/4 - 6's
Aminacontact Registrar
Bellevue - Overlake70513's and 4'sM,W (3's and 4's)
Th (4's only)
3's Andrea
4's Alison
contact Registrar
BC Crossroads Preschool
70423's and 4'sM, T, Th
(Register for your choice of 2 or 3 days)
Gayne Phillipscontact Registrar
Eastgate Co-Op
70483's and 4'sW,Th (3's and 4's)
F (4's only)
Heidicontact Registrar
Sunset Co-Op
70473's and 4's
M,T,W (3's and 4's)
Th (4's only)
(Register for 2, 3, or 4 days)
Jenncontact Registrar
Sunrise Co-Op
70573's (3 by 8/31/14)M,T
Jamiecontact Registrar
Sunrise Co-Op Pre-K 4's and 5's
70584's (4 by 8/31/14)M,T 11:45a-2:15p
W 9:15-11:45a
Th (optional)
Jamiecontact Registrar
Issaquah Co-Op 3's70403'sT,Th
Mandacontact Registrar
Issaquah Co-Op 4's70504'sT 12:30-3:00p
W,F 9:30a-12:00p
Annecontact Registrar
Pine Lake Co-Op 3's
70443's (3 by 8/31/14)T,Th
Juliecontact Registrar
Pine Lake Co-Op 4's
70554's (3 by 12/31/13)M,W,F
Juliecontact Registrar
Pine Lake Co-Op Pre-K
7054Pre-K (4 by 8/31/14)M,T,Th,F
Juliecontact Registrar
Sammamish Art & Science Enrichment Lab70453 1/2-5 years old by start of sessionW 12:30-2:45pJuliecontact Registrar
Alpine Co-Op
70533's and 4'sM,W (3's and 4's)
Th (4's only)
Rebeccacontact Registrar
Carnation Co-Op
70493's and 4'sT (3's only) 9:30-11:45a
T (4's only) 12:15-2:30p
W (4's only) 9:30a-12:00p
Th (3's and 4's)
Sandycontact Registrar
Two-Day Sammamish Young 3s7035birthdate
9/11 - 2/12
W, F 9:30-11:30a
(two day Young-3's class)
Sharon Romppanencontact Registrar
Note: Co-operative Preschool classes start mid to late September and run through May each school year.
Please note that class times, days, locations and tuition are subject to change.