For children 13 – 36 months on August 31st

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This is a parent-child class where the caregiver (mother, father, grandparent or nanny) attends a weekly 2-hour class with the child. The day is filled with exciting choices and engaging hands-on activities in a classroom designed especially for this period of development, with art activities, sensory experiences, imaginative play, large motor challenges, music time, and more! Parents have the opportunity to connect to other parents, build supportive friendships, spend quality playtime with their children, and attend parent education sessions to learn about child development.


Watch this video to see our class in action:

What will your child experience at our class?

We offer a well-rounded curriculum which stimulates all your child’s senses, motivates learning, and exposes them to an array of activities that engage their curiosity and love of learning. We have large motor activities like tumbling mats, slides, riding toys, and outdoor play. Children build small motor skills with puzzles, shape sorters, trains, cars and blocks. Imaginary play opportunities include dolls, toy kitchens and dress-up clothes. During circle time, we emphasize literacy skills with story time, build the foundations of musical knowledge as we sing songs and try out instruments, and practice skills for preschool and kindergarten, like paying attention to a teacher. Art experiences include play-dough, painting, collage, drawing and printing. The sensory table and water table allow for experimentation with scooping, pouring, measuring and mixing. We focus on play-based learning, so children are offered many different activities to explore each week, and they decide how much time to spend with each learning opportunity.

Our classes are unique in how they support all aspects of child development. Your child will get many of the benefits they would get from taking art classes, music lessons, gym classes, attending story time, and having play-dates with friends, all rolled together in one place and time. This is ideal for toddlers, because we know toddlers learn best when they are surrounded by familiar people in a nurturing environment, and there is a reliable, predictable routine.

What will you get out of our class?

Class includes Parent Education every other week. Discussions cover topics like early learning, language development, discipline, tantrums, emotional intelligence, sleep challenges, potty training, and preschool choice. The parent educator leads the discussion, offers helpful resources and expert advice tailored to your unique family. Parents share experiences, offer support, and build friendships as they ride the roller coast of life with a toddler.

Each week, while half the parents meet with the parent educator, the children are supervised by the other parents and the children’s teacher(s). Your child is welcome to be at parent education with you, but we encourage children to come and play. They soon discover that the activities designed by the children’s teachers are more fun! This gives your child practice separating from you – an important skill for preschool.


What Our Students Say About this Class

My partner and I both learned so much! The parent ed topics were all very relevant to us and our current challenges. I appreciate how the parent educator shared personal stories about her own children, it helped remind me that she “gets it” and completely understands from a parent perspective.

Locations and Visiting a Class:

First year toddler programs are offered in Bellevue, Mercer Island and Sammamish. Second year toddlers are in Bellevue (downtown, Crossroads and Eastgate neighborhoods), Issaquah, Mercer Island, Renton (2 locations), Sammamish, and Snoqualmie. (Map and Directions.)

To visit or observe a class, check our home page for Open House opportunities.  You can also schedule a 30 minute visit during a class meeting time, from October to May, by contacting the instructor listed on the schedule.

How to Register

Toddler classes start in mid-September and run through May each school year. Families are encouraged to enroll for the full school year for the maximum benefit. However, families can join at any time, if space is available in a class. Register Today!

Tuition cost is $248 per quarter. (A second child from the same family will pay 50% less.) Fees cover the parents’ Bellevue College tuition as well as tuition for the children’s program. Scholarships are available; a confidential application is made through the class instructor.

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Class LocationItem#BirthdateDay & TimeInstructor
Sammamish 1st Year Toddlers70061/18 - 10/18M 10:00a-12:00pBarb Hill
Sammamish 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70076/17 - 2/18T 9:30-11:30aStephanie Sloan
Mercer Island 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70103/17 - 3/18W 9:30-11:30aCubba Reese
Mercer Island 1st Year Toddlers70119/17 - 8/18Th 9:30-11:30aMary Gentry
Eastgate 2nd Year Toddlers70149/16 - 8/17T 10:00a-12:00PKathryn Cerretani
North Bellevue 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70163/17 - 3/18F 9:30-11:30aJanelle Durham
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70179/17 - 8/18T 9:30-11:30aLisa Allen
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70189/17 - 8/18W 9:30-11:30aLisa Allen
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70199/17 - 8/18Th 9:45-11:45aKathryn Cerretani
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70203/15 - 3/16F 9:30-11:30aJanelle Durham
Evening North Bellevue 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70224/17 - 8/18T eve 5:45-7:45pJanelle Durham
Renton Sunrise 2nd Year Toddlers70239/16 - 8/17M 9:30-11:30aCorvie Thykkuttathil
Eastgate 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70249/16 - 12/17M 9:30-11:30aKerste Helms
Sunrise Highlands 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70265/17 - 5/18W 9:30 - 11:30aJennifer Watanabe
Mercer Island 2nd Year Toddlers70279/16 - 12/17T 9:30a - 11:30aCubba Reese
Issaquah 2nd Year Toddlers70299/16 - 8/17M 9:30 - 11:30aCubba Reese
Two-Day Crossroads Bellevue 2nd Year Toddlers70309/16 - 8/17Th & F 9:30-11:30a
(two-day class meets both days)
Jennifer Watanabe
Sammamish 2nd Year Toddlers70349/16 - 12/17Th 9:30 - 11:30aSara Trethewey
Two-Day Sammamish Young 3s70359/16 - 5/17W & F 9:30-11:30a
(two-day class meets both days)
Sara Tretheway
Alpine 2nd Year Toddler Co-op 70369/16 - 8/17W 9:30 - 11:30aSarah Harris
Class LocationItem#BirthdateDay & TimeInstructorAvailability
Sammamish 1st Year Toddlers70061/19- 10/19M 9:30-11:30aBarb HillOpen
Sammamish 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70076/18 - 2/19T 9:30-11:30aStephanie SloanOpen
Mercer Island 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70103/18 - 3/19W 9:30-11:30aCubba ReeseOpen
Mercer Island 1st Year Toddlers70119/18 - 8/19Th 9:30-11:30aMary GentryOpen
Eastgate 2nd Year Toddlers70149/17 - 8/18T 10:00a-12:00PKathryn CerretaniOpen
North Bellevue 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70169/18 - 8/19F 9:30-11:30aJanelle DurhamOpen
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70179/18 - 8/19T 9:30-11:30aLisa AllenOpen
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70189/18 - 8/19W 9:30-11:30aLisa AllenOpen
North Bellevue 1st Year Toddlers70199/18 - 8/19Th 9:30-11:30aKathryn CerretaniOpen
Evening North Bellevue 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70224/18 - 8/19T 5:45-7:45pJanelle DurhamOpen
Renton Sunrise 2nd Year Toddlers
70239/17 - 8/18M 9:30-11:30aCorvie ThykkuttathilOpen
Eastgate 2nd Year Toddlers70249/17 - 12/18M 9:30-11:30aKerste HelmsOpen
Sunrise Highlands 1st and 2nd Year Toddlers70263/18 - 8/19W 9:30-11:30aJennifer WatanabeOpen
Mercer Island 2nd Year Toddlers70279/17 - 12/18T 9:30-11:30aCubba ReeseOpen
Issaquah 2nd Year Toddlers70299/17 - 8/18M 9:30-11:30aCubba ReeseOpen
Crossroads Bellevue 2nd Year Toddlers70309/17 - 2/19F 9:30-11:30a
Jennifer WatanabeOpen
Sammamish 2nd Year Toddlers70349/17 - 12/18Th 9:30-11:30aSara TretheweyOpen
Two-Day Sammamish Young 3s70359/17 - 12/18W & F 9:30-11:30a
(two-day class meets both days)
Sara TrethewayOpen

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