Art & Science Labs

For children ages 3 – 9


To further enhance your child’s learning, we sponsor unique enrichment classes, which offer an explosion of activities to excite the mind and engage the interest of the preschool to elementary-aged child. Whichever class you choose, your children are certain to burst forth with enthusiasm for the creative discoveries they make through full, hands-on participation.

Each of these classes meet weekly for two hours. Parents volunteer in the classroom occasionally, and attend monthly parent education sessions, held during class time.

Creative Arts Lab

This is an art and creativity enrichment program, where we do all the messy projects you may not want to try at home! It is held on the campus of Bellevue College on Tuesday or Friday mornings, or Tuesday afternoons. Children are between 2.75 and 5 years old (they must turn 3 by December 1).

What will your child experience at Creative Arts Lab?

We believe art for young children is about  thinking creatively, taking risks, making big decisions, changing your mind, experimenting with materials, expressing yourself, dreaming big, having fun and getting messy! We honor children’s creativity and work to develop their agency.

Each week we offer a new curriculum theme for the children’s program with a large variety of hands-on, experiential art and creative activities. (Check out videos of our storybook theme and our apple theme. Or for directions on how you can do all the apple activities at home, check out:

The children move freely between stations, exploring paints, clay and play-dough, drawing materials, collage, and a variety of printing techniques. We also offer block play, puzzles, math manipulatives, books related to each theme, and imaginary play opportunities. In circle time, we read stories and sing songs, then go outside for playground time.
Check out this video:

What Our Students Say About Creative Arts Lab

Thank you for a fun and wonderful year! It has been a pleasure to be in your class. We enjoyed the creative projects and being part of the supportive warm community.

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Family Inventors’ Lab

This is a STE(A)M enrichment program – with hands-on discovery of science, engineering, art, and nature. Class is held on Saturdays – we offer both a morning session and an afternoon session. Most weeks, we meet on the campus of Bellevue College (in the Creative Arts Lab classroom), but one week of each month we’re at Robinswood Park (in the Discovery Science Lab classroom). The curriculum is aimed at children age 3 – 6. Children must turn three by August 31 to participate in that year’s classes. Children older than 6 are welcome to enroll.

What will your child experience at Family Inventors’ Lab?

Each week, our activities include: science exploration, creative experimentation, construction projects with building toys of all sorts, art activities, messy sensory play, outdoor time, circle time with songs and books, and a monthly nature hike at Robinswood. Each quarter has a different focus:

  • What’s a Scientist: We study geology, paleontology, astronomy, physics, and chemistry. (We simulate earthquakes, dig for dinosaurs, gaze at stars, test gravity, and make things go boom!) Fall or winter quarter.
  • What’s an Engineer: We study simple machines, learn about electricity, use the Tool of the Week, and build towers, bridges, houses, and model cars. (We build cool stuff! Then knock it down! Then build it again… but better!) Fall or winter quarter.
  • What’s an Inventor:  Our nature sessions explore the life sciences, as we study the human body, animal adaptations, sea life, insects, and more. We’ll also talk about how humans have developed inventions and tools based on what they observe in nature. Spring quarter.

If you want to see all the activities we do in class, they’re documented on our parent educator’s blog: Or check out this video:

What Our Students Say About Family Inventors’ Lab

I love the concepts chosen, the creativity of the activities, and the time structure (including outdoors time). I love this class so much I plan to do it every year with every one of my kids.

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Sammamish Art and Science Lab

This class offers a variety of creative art experiences and fun science experiments. It is held at Pine Lake Cooperative Preschool in Sammamish, on Tuesday afternoons. Children are 3.5 – 5 years old. (They must be 3.5 at the beginning of the session.)

What will your child experience at Art & Science Lab?

Each week we offer a curriculum theme. At circle time the teacher introduces children to a science or art concept. The class has investigated concepts such as gravity, melting, dissolving and lines, shapes and space; they have studied bugs, snails, leaves, and trees and the color wheel.

After circle time children are invited to choose from themed experiments, art experiences and other learning centers such as painting at the easel, sculpting play dough, measuring and pouring at the water table or dry sensory table, dressing up in the dramatic play area or working at the writing table, according to their interests.

Every week we spend plenty of time outside together. Fresh air and freedom of movement, solving problems and working together with friends are essential to healthy development for children. We have a large outdoor play area and often utilize it for experiments (volcano eruptions!) or art experiences (gravity painting!).

Before we say goodbye until next week we gather again to listen to a book, play a game or sing some songs.

Check out this video to see some of our activities:

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Discovery Science Lab

This is a science enrichment program, held on Wednesdays after school. We meet at the barn at Robinswood Park, in Bellevue near the BC campus. (Students come from Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Kirkland, and more.) Once a month, we do a field trip on the Eastside, related to the current themes. Class is for ages 5 to 9. Children must turn five by August 31st to participate.

What will your child experience at Discovery Lab?

Each week, we have a new theme. We study Chemistry, Geology, Marine Biology, Astronomy and Space Travel, and our Northwest Habitat.

We spend our first 15 minutes having outdoor play time, often with games or activities related to the week’s theme. During opening circle, we introduce the scientific concepts of the day. Then we explore the theme through hands-on experiments (including simple dissections), observation using tools such as magnifying glasses and microscopes, reading books, work on puzzles or building projects, art processes or craft projects.

At the end of each class, we gather to discuss the activities and deepen our discussion of the day’s concepts, then the children write in their science journals about what they did and what they learned. We often end with a book, song or a game related to the day’s theme to help them integrate and remember the ideas shared.
Check out this video:

What Our Students Say About Discovery Science Lab

I really can’t overstate my appreciation of the BC parent education program or my appreciation for our parent educator and teachers. We are so fortunate to be part of this class.

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What will parents experience in our classes?

Enrichment classes are all parent-child cooperative classes, where parents and children play, learn, and grow together. Our Saturday class was once called “For Dads Only”, but now for all of our enrichment classes, we welcome mothers, fathers, grandparents, and nannies  to participate with the child.

Attendance at monthly parent education sessions is required – these are held during class time. You will also be asked to work in the classroom approximately once a month. Classroom tasks include: supervising children for safety, providing and serving snacks, classroom clean-up, and, most importantly, playing along with the children. Parents need to arrange childcare for non-enrolled siblings during their classroom shifts and parent education class days.

On non-work, non-parent-ed days, you can drop off your child or you are welcome to stay and play.

The monthly Parent Education session is led by a parent educator, and covers topics like brain development, ways to support your child’s learning at home and at school, building children’s emotional intelligence and social/relationship skills, discipline, and managing challenging parenting situations. Parents share experiences, offer support, and build friendships.

Visiting a Class:

To visit or observe an enrichment class, check our home page for Open House opportunities.  You can also schedule a 30 minute visit during a class meeting time, from October to May, by contacting the instructor listed on the schedule. Find directions to classrooms on our locations map.

How to Register

Enrichment classes start in late September and run through May each school year. Most students attend for the full school year. Students may join mid-year, if there is space available.

To register, go to our online registration form.

Tuition for Creative Arts Lab, Family Inventors’ Lab, and Sammamish Art and Science is $248 per quarter. (~3 months) Sammamish Art and Science also has a once per year cleaning fee of $65. Discovery Science Lab is $279 per quarter. There are discounts for siblings attending the same class.

Fees cover the parents’ Bellevue College tuition as well as tuition for the children’s program. Scholarships are available; a confidential application is made through the class instructor.

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Class LocationItem#AgeDay & TimeContact
Sammamish Art & Science Enrichment Lab70453 1/2 - 5 years
(3 1/2 by start of session)
T 1:00-3:00pLauran
Creative Arts Lab7090Age 3 by 12/31/19)T 12:45-2:45pLisa Allen
Creative Arts Lab7091Age 3 by 12/31/19)T 9:45-11:45aKristin Nasman
Creative Arts Lab7092Age 3 by 12/31/19)F 9:30-11:30aMary Gentry
Saturday Family Inventors' Lab70933 - 6 yearsSat 1:30-3:30pJanelle Durham
Discovery Science Lab70945 - 9 years (5 by 8/31/19)NEW DAY
Th 4:00-6:00p
Janelle Durham
Discovery Science Lab70955 - 9 years (5 by 8/31/19)W 2:30-4:30pJanelle Durham
Saturday Family Inventors' Lab70993 - 6 yearsSat 10:00a-12:00 noonJanelle Durham
Class NameItem#AgeDay & TimeContactAvailability
Sammamish Art & Science Enrichment Lab70453 1/2 - 5 years
T 1:00-3:00pLauranOpen
Creative Arts Lab7090Age 3 by Jan. 31,2021T 12:45-2:45pLisa AllenOpen
Creative Arts Lab7091Age 3 by Jan. 31,2021T 9:45-11:45aKristin NasmanOpen
Creative Arts Lab7092Age 3 by Jan. 31,2021F 9:30-11:30aMary GentryOpen
Saturday Family Inventors' Lab70933 - 6 yearsSat 1:30-3:30pJanelle DurhamOpen
Discovery Science Lab70955 - 9 yearsW 2:30-4:30pJanelle DurhamOpen
Saturday Family Inventors' Lab70993 - 6 yearsSat 10:00a-12:00 noonJanelle DurhamOpen

Last Updated April 13, 2020