For: Babies born August, 2013 through February, 2015Picture of young mother with her baby in the park


As a parent in today’s world, we know you are bombarded with lots of information about how to best care for your baby. In the Parent-Infant classes at Bellevue College (BC), the Parent Education Instructor helps you sort through theories and ideas so that you can become the parent you want to be.

Babies will accompany their caregiver (mom, dad, grandparent, or nanny) to the weekly class for shared experiences in learning through play, music, movement activities, and infant stimulation, with lecture/discussion in nutrition, family life, and development. This weekly “mother-baby” style class will be a fun time for you and your baby, as you share with the other parents in your new parent-baby support group.

The Infant classes for you and your child address family interactions in the important first months of the child’s life. Join BC’s Parent Education team of parenting instructor, children’s music teacher and nutritionist for shared experiences in early learning.

Enjoy discussions on nutrition, sleep, crying, health and safety, family relationships, infant milestones, time management, child guidance, and the physical, emotional, social and environmental needs of children. Meet other parents who may be going through the same wakeful nights, fussy afternoons and joyful periods in between.


NOTE:  All classes are held at our infant classroom in the campus of Bellevue College. To visit or observe a class, check our home page for Open House opportunities.  You can also schedule a visit during a class meeting time, from October to May, by contacting the instructor listed on the schedule.

How to Register and Tuition Information

To register for an Infant class, go to our online registration form.  If you are registering before the baby is born, enter your due date where it asks for child’s birth date.

Tuition cost is $231 per quarter (fall, winter, and spring).  Parent Education Program fees include parents’ Bellevue College tuition as well as tuition for the children’s program.  Scholarships are available to registered families in need; confidential application is made through the class instructor.

Specific priority for One Day Classes: A second child from the same family will pay 50% less.

2014-2015 Infants Schedule

Class LocationItem#BirthdateDay & TimeContact
Infants-Monday Afternoon 70004/14 - 9/14
M 12:30-2:30pVicki Smolke
Infants-Monday Morning70011/14 - 4/14M 9:30-11:30aVicki Smolke
Infants/Wobblers-Evening 70028/13 - 6/14T eve. 6:00-8:00pJudy Erbe
Infants-Wednesday Afternoon - January start7003*6/14 - 2/15W 12:30-2:30pJudy Erbe
Wobblers-Wednesday Morning70049/13 - 12/13W 9:30 - 11:30aVicki Smolke
Wobblers-Thursday Morning70059/13 - 12/13Th 9:30 - 11:30aVicki Smolke
Note: Classes start in late September and run through May (except #7003, which begins in January each year). Families are encouraged to enroll for the full school year for the maximum benefit. However, families can join at any time, if space is available in a class. Register Today!

Please note that class times, days, locations and tuition are subject to change. *January 2015 start