Infants and Wobblers

For babies, newborn to 16 months

mother and sitting baby


This weekly parent-baby class offers a great learning opportunity for you and your infant, with shared experiences of play, music, and movement. You’ll find peer support as you meet and share with other parents who may be going through the same exciting and challenging changes. Our team of parenting instructor, children’s music specialist and nutritionist will help guide you through your early months with your infant and as they become a busy wobbler.


Read more details below, or check out this video, from our in-person class:

What will your child experience at our class?

These are a “mommy and me” style class where babies accompany their caregiver (mother, father, grandparent, or nanny) to the weekly class.

In-Person: The classroom is a calm, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to freely explore and guide their own learning. There are developmentally appropriate toys, sensory materials, books, and everyday objects for your child to discover. Music time introduces music, rhymes, fingerplays, and engaging movement activities, all of which enhance early brain development.

Online: Our weekly afternoon time on Zoom includes: music / concept experiences; ideas for creating a “yes” space in your home environment with age appropriate materials and/or nutrition information; plus time for observation of the children followed by sharing and reflecting on the observation. The evening online session will also include music time and observation but less than the afternoon.

What will you get out of our class?

Parent education sessions are held each week. We address family interactions and relationships in the important first months of the child’s life and support parents in learning and growing with their child. Enjoy discussions centered on daily routines, sleep, nutrition, responding with respect, child directed play and the play environment will be explored as well as understanding temperaments, parenting styles, health and safety, crying, positive guidance and limit setting. An observation time will provide better understanding and encouragement of the unfolding of motor, emotional, social, cognitive development, and the skills and needs of children. Our Parent Education Instructor helps you sort through all the theories and ideas so that you can make informed choices that help you become the parent you want to be.

For the online class, we do some parent ed check-ins in the afternoon class, and more formal parent education in the evenings. You can choose to attend either or both sessions each week – whatever works best for your family.

How to Register / Choosing a Class

To register, check the table below to find the item number of the class you want to enroll in, then go to our online registration form. If you are registering before the baby is born, enter your due date where it asks for the child’s birth date.

Location: In fall 2021, we will be in-person at our infant classroom on the Bellevue College campus. (Address and directions.). Our online class is held on Zoom, with afternoon and evening sessions – online students are welcome to attend either or both sessions each week.

Tuition: Each quarter, students pay $55.23 in college tuition – paid through the college system, plus lab fees ($205 for in-person classes and $130 for online classes) which are paid directly to the instructor. A second child from the same family will pay 50% less. Scholarships are available; a confidential application is made through the class instructor.

If  you have any questions about the class, email the instructor via the links in the table below.

Schedule for Fall 2021-Spring 2022

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Campus Infants70011/21-9/21W 9:30-11:30aVicki SmolkeLimited
Online Infant /
Wobbler / Toddler
70049/19 - 8/21W 12:30-2p
W 6-7:30p
Vicki SmolkeOpen
Campus Wobblers70055/20-12/20Th 9:30-11:30aVicki SmolkeOpen


What Parents Say About this Class

I think this class should be required for every parent!  It’s so helpful to be able to discuss issues and get ideas… Our discussions gave me many moments to reflect on and even adjust my parenting. I enjoyed sharing the learning with my husband and with my friends.


The Wobbler program with Vicki was a life changer for me as a first time parent. It helped to shape my views of parenting and set up a solid foundation. I went through the BC parent Ed program will all four children… in everything from the infant class to co-op preschool. The knowledge, support, skills and confidence… was very beneficial. The lifelong friendships and the treasured memories made are priceless, and I am so very grateful for them.

Last Updated September 27, 2021