What Makes Us Unique?

Our parent education classes are different from others in the community and offer unique opportunities for growth and learning that you won’t find elsewhere.

Why our program is great for kids:

Diverse Experiences in One Familiar Setting: Most children’s programs focus on one domain of learning: dance class, art lessons, story time, music lessons, tumbling class, cooking class, or science workshops. Our programs do it all. And they do it in one familiar and known space where the child feels comfortable. Brain development research shows us that children learn best when they feel safe and free to explore. Some new toys and activities rotate in to encourage children to explore and try new things, and some of the same toys and activities reappear from week to week to provide reassurance and routine. Again, brain development research tells us that children learn best with a combination of novelty (new experiences) and repetition (when they have the opportunity to try something again and again till they master it).

Play-based: All our programs are hands-on and experience-based. Teachers plan and set-up a variety of age-appropriate, developmentally stimulating activities in the classroom. Children can move from one activity to the next at their own pace, moving on to the next learning adventure when they are ready. Teachers monitor their learning, and from time to time, step in with questions or suggestions that extend the learning, and help the child move to the next level of skill and understanding.

Long-Term Relationships: Lots of programs run in short sessions of four – six classes. Sometimes the same kids will repeat from session to session, but often it’s a new group of children each time. It’s hard for little ones to keep track of all those new faces. Our programs run for the full school year. Seeing the same children week after week allows kids to build friendships. Seeing the same adults week after week allows them to build relationships with the adults, and helps the teachers to have a deep understanding of your unique child and your family.

Close parental involvement: Parents are always welcome in the classroom. This gives each child the comfort and security of knowing their own parent can be there with them. It also gives children exposure to a wide range of caring adults in a safe environment, allowing them to develop skills at interacting with other adults. As a side benefit, we know children learn language more quickly when exposed to a variety of adult speakers.

Why our program is great for parents:

Parent Education: Experienced professional educators offer information that is current and research-based but also relevant to the day-to-day reality of parenting little ones. Topics are tailored to the age and needs of the families, but may include: daily routines, discipline, child development, enhancing early learning, nutrition, potty training, emotional intelligence, and self-care for parents.

Individualized Advice: Parent educators and children’s teachers have the opportunity to get to know each child as an individual, and also get to know parents well. This allows them to answer questions in a highly personalized way. They can also refer on for additional services when needed.

Parent Involvement: Participating in your child’s classroom from day one encourages you to think of yourself as an active participant in your child’s learning and as an advocate for them in future classrooms. You’ll know the other children and can help your child learn about them and connect with them. You’ll know what happened in class, so you can later reinforce the learning. Seeing classroom activities may give you new ideas for what you can do at home to enhance your child’s development. Having the opportunity to observe other children each week helps give you a deeper understanding of child development, and seeing parents respond to their children shows you options for parenting style.

Peer Support and Long-Term Relationships: Parents meet with other parents over the course of many months, which allows for long-term connections. Working together on projects strengthens those bonds, as does the peer support gained when parents discuss and share the joys and challenges of caring for kids. Many instructors also encourage students to get together outside of class, to build friendships and community.

The program grows with your child: We offer classes for families with children from birth through age 7, so instead of having to search for new classes every month or every year, you always know where you can find a fun and educational class for you and your child.

Student privileges: Our parent education programs are college classes. Enrolled parents can receive student ID cards, which may give access to student discounts and does give access to services such as Center for Career Connections, campus computer labs, campus library, and the Counseling Center. For more information, see our FAQ.

Come join us!

Learn more about our programs on this website, or by coming to an open house or for a class visit. We would love to welcome your family into our community!

Last Updated August 21, 2016