Oct. 13, 2021

On Oct. 13, the Faculty Advocates team attended the regular Dean’s meeting to answer questions about ctcLink.  The following Q&A’s represent the major topics that were covered during the meeting.

Q. When will more specific BC faculty training be available?

A. Currently, step-by-step guides for an array of topics of concern to faculty are available under the “How Do I…?”tab within the Faculty section of the BC ctcLink website. Information on more generalized tasks is available under the “How Do I…?” tab of the Staff section. 

The Knowledge Base and Account Activation information will be posted on Nov. 12.

Q. Do the Chairs feel additional training topics should be added to the schedule?

A. Nothing was mentioned, but there is a clear line of communication between Chairs and the Faculty Advocates.

Q. What is the status of Instructor Initiated Drops (No Shows) and Granting Class Permissions?

A. Faculty Advocates will work with Steve Downing, Director of Enrollment Services. Results will be posted when available.

Q. What effort are being made to ensure that students are not inadvertently kicked out because of program plan issues, and thus rejected for financial aide?

A. The concern was reviewed with Maria Rivas, ctcLink Project Manager.

Q. Should Chairs and Deans to have Faculty Advocates conduct demonstrations for faculty?

A. Faculty Advisors can schedule demonstrations with certain caveats in mind:

  • Before Go-Live, specific parts of ctcLink can be demonstrated from the practice site  
  • After Go-Live, demonstrations can take place within the live environment (although certain functions like grade inputting might not be available until the end of Fall Quarter.

 Q. What if there are questions about ctcLink that extend beyond typical faculty concerns?

A. Along with a section for faculty, the BC ctcLink website features robust offerings for students and staff. Each of these sections has detailed information on important dates, training, and resources. Even better – more information is being added every day!

Last Updated October 23, 2021