Student FAQs

Expand the questions below for answers to common questions Bellevue College students have about ctcLink.

Class Enrollment

Students use ctcLink to enroll in classes. View an online tutorial on how to enroll in classes.

Most courses do not require a permission number. Still, a box to enter a permission number will show up when you want to enroll in any course, even for those that don’t require permission numbers.

Permission numbers are used to:

  • Enroll in a course during late enrollment
  • Enroll in a course you don’t meet the prerequisites for
  • Enroll in a course that is full

Planner lets you create a plan for future quarters well in advance (as long as the quarter’s class schedule is available) and simply add the course when registration opens.

Shopping cart lets you add multiple classes at once to a central location before you register for them.

Students must pay their tuition by the payment deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar. If you did not make a payment by the payment deadline, sign up for a payment plan, or have other arrangements made, you may be dropped from your class(es).

If you use the ctcLink’s desktop version (full site) to search for classes, you must select Bellevue College from the list of colleges.

Other Washington State community and technical college class schedules are listed because ctcLink is part of a statewide effort to provide a more centralized student experience.

Tuition and Fees

Please log in to AT LEAST ONCE to have tuition charges displayed on your account. Even if you already activated your account and logged in to ctcLink’s mobile view, you must log in to at least once. This informs the system to send financial account information to both mobile and desktop views.

View a tutorial on how to pay your tuition in ctcLink.

ctcLink displays more information about tuition and fees than before. The biggest change is that tuition is shown in more detail by the following fees:

  • Operating fee
  • Building fee
  • S&A (Services and Activities) fee

In ctcLink these fees will be preceded by your residency status (Resident or Non-Resident).

Visit our tuition website for more details on Bellevue College tuition and fees.

Please log in to AT LEAST ONCE to have tuition charges displayed on your account. Even if you already activated your account and logged in to ctcLink’s mobile view, you must log in to at least once. This informs the system to send financial account information to both mobile and desktop views.

View a tutorial on how to pay your tuition in ctcLink.

If the above options don’t work, please submit a ticket and provide a description of the problem you encounter when trying to pay tuition in ctcLink.

Student 1098-T forms are available in ctcLink. This option can be accessed on the Student Homepage via the Financial Account tile after signing in to the ctcLink site. Explore detailed instructions for accessing 1098-Ts

The IRS does not require the college to furnish a 1098-T for international or non-credit courses (continuing ed). International students requesting a 1098-T must have an issued IRS SSN/ITIN and file a U.S. tax return.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Portal is still available to check financial aid information for years 2021-22 and earlier. Login to the portal using your Social Security Number as your Username and your Date of Birth as your Password in the following format: MMDDYY.

Check your financial aid status by logging in to ctcLink.

  • Check on your financial aid offer. Financial aid offers are viewed in the Financial Aid Tile once your file is reviewed and packaged.
  • Click the “Tasks” tile for any checklist items that may require further action.
  • View messages from the Financial Aid Office.

Check the Student Central Processing Dashboard to see where the office is currently on file review and when you may expect your file to be processed.

Financial aid documents are submitted on a separate system from ctcLink, but the Student Homepage will list any outstanding documents that must be submitted. Check the “tasks” section of your ctcLink Student Homepage. Any additional items of information we still need from you should be listed here. Provide the Financial Aid office with the requested information as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so.  Once the information is received and/or processed, you should see a confirmation date next to each item showing that the item was received.  If you haven’t turned in the requested information listed here, please turn in hard copies of this information to the Financial Aid office as soon as possible or upload them to their office electronically.

Academic Records FAQs

Official transcripts can still be ordered through Parchment while the college transitions to ctcLink. You can order both electronic and paper copies.

Visit our Records & Grades website for more information on how to order your official transcript.

Mid to late December 2021.

If you attended Bellevue College before November 2021 you can still access your unofficial transcript outside of the ctcLink system.

Use your BC Student ID (SID) and PIN to log in. Forgot your SID? Use our online lookup tool.

If you attended Bellevue College after November 2021, you can access your unofficial transcript through ctcLink.

Log in to ctcLink

No, Degree Audit will be replaced with Academic Advisement Reports (AAR). Academic Advisement Reports are available in ctcLink.

Log in to ctcLink

You can still access the old Degree Audit system for degree requirements through the 2020 – 21 school year, but you cannot view your progress towards meeting degree requirements that have changed for the 2021 – 22 school year.

Academic Advisement Reports display much of the same information as former degree audits. One difference is in how an AAR displays information. For instance, many students find that AARs help them more easily see what courses they can take to satisfy degree requirements.

What-if reports will be available sometime in 2022 AFTER Academic Advisement Reports are updated.

What-if reports are a new feature in ctcLink that allow you to see what would happen and how your completed credits would apply if you change programs.

  • View What-if tutorial (ctcLink mobile version) (tutorial in development)
  • View What-if tutorial (ctcLink desktop version) (tutorial in development)

No. You can access your educational plan online or request one from your advisor.

ctcLink Student Account FAQs

For new students: Activate your account using the ctcLink ID included in your admission letter.

View a tutorial on how to activate your account

All students must create a password to use to log in to ctcLink with when they activate their ctcLink account.

Log in to ctcLink using your ctcLink ID and password.

Mobile version login

Desktop version login

Activate your ctcLink account to get your ctcLink ID.

Please write your ctcLink ID down somewhere secure for future reference.

Please look up your ctcLink ID using our online ctcLink ID look-up tool. If you experience additional issues, please submit a ticket.

If you attended another college in Washington State and used ctcLink, you already have a ctcLink ID! The ctcLink ID number you already have is what you will use at Bellevue College.

Forgot your ID or can’t find it? Use our online ctcLink ID look-up tool.

There are many places you can go for help with ctcLink. These include online tutorials, live support sessions, and qualified staff who can answer support requests.

Explore ctcLink tutorials Learn about live support sessions

You can reset your ctcLink password by clicking ‘Password Help then selecting ‘Reset Password’ on

If you are a returning student or applied to Bellevue College prior to Oct. 31, your old BC Student ID (SID) and PIN can still be used to access information stored in our old system. This includes official transcript requests for students who did not attend Bellevue College beyond November 2021.

No. We will continue using Canvas. Log in to Canvas using your BC email address and password.


You can access both the mobile and desktop versions from both mobile and desktop devices. The main differences are in the interface, or the way information is displayed.

Oftentimes, students prefer the mobile version for its simple navigation across all device types (desktop, tablet, and mobile phone). All the same tools are available, just in a different format.

It’s important to note that separate links are used to access the mobile and desktop versions of ctcLink:

Please note: you must activate your ctcLink account to access both the mobile and desktop versions of ctcLink.

Open the app store (Apple devices) or play store (Android devices) on your mobile device. Search for “ctcLink” and download the free app.

Please note: you must activate your ctcLink account to use the ctcLink mobile app.

Last Updated September 18, 2023