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In addition, the Staff Guide for Helping Students is a great resource. 

ctclink Access for Faculty

ctcLink is accessible to faculty 24/7.  Click here for account activation instructions and the Gateway link.

What to Do First in ctcLink

  • Activate accounts immediately. Instructions are posted under Activate My Faculty Account. Waiting just before a time-sensitive activity (e.g. submitting grades), may not allow enough leeway to resolve challenges that may arise.  
  • Tell students about ctcLink. Remind them in advance that they need to activate their account. 
  • Monitor email for daily ctcLink updates. These emails will have time-sensitive information.  
  • Attend the Faculty Advocate support sessions.

What to Avoid

  •  It might be more convenient to ask one of the project leads for help, but remember they are also  learning  ctcLink.  
  • The fastest way to get a lead to answer a question is to submit a ticket via one of the live support specialists.  

Bellevue College has transitioned to a new PeopleSoft software system called ctcLink, which will replace a decades-old legacy system with a single, cutting-edge system of online functions. ctcLink will give students, faculty, and staff “anytime, anywhere” access to a modern way of doing college business. 

The transition to ctcLink is a major statewide project designed to upgrade the information systems at all 34 Washington community and technical colleges. The project is being administered by the Washington State Board of Technical and Community Colleges (SBCTC).

Eight colleges within the Washington State Community and Technical College (WSCTC) community— Bellevue College, Bellingham Technical College, Big Bend Community College, Everett Community College, Grays Harbor College, Green River College, Skagit Valley College, Whatcom Community College – will convert to ctcLink over three weekends in October and November 2021. These colleges are referred to as Deployment Group 5 (DG5).

Faculty SID is replaced by a universal ctcLink ID. This ctcLink ID will be used at community and technical colleges across the state of Washington. With this new ID, faculty will have one login to access information at Bellevue College – as well as at all other Washington community and technical colleges.

Now that ctcLink is implemented, faculty are able to do the following:

  • Use My Schedule to view all assigned classes
  • View and print class roster
  • Send group or individual email messages to students on the class roster
  • View final exam schedule
  • Use Grade Roster to assign grades

The following systems and their functionality are replaced by ctcLink:

Instructional Tools:

  • Instructor Briefcase Grade Roster  ctcLink
  • Instructor Briefcase Class Roster  ctcLink
  • Degree Audit  ctcLink 

Employee Tools:

  • Inside Bellevue College Earnings History  ​​​​​​​ctcLink
  • Inside Bellevue College Time and Leave Reporting  ​​​​​​​ctcLink
  • TAR/TEV Requests  ​​​​​​​ctcLink

Note: Canvas and 25Live will remain in use in conjunction with ctcLink.

Canvas is the online Learning Management System (LMS) used by Washington State Colleges to deliver electronic course content and many other purposes. BC continues to use Canvas with ctcLink.

Nothing has changed regarding the current login for Canvas. Students and staff continue to use their BC NetID.

Last Updated December 14, 2022