Our Commitment

Our Mission

The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion will actively identify systemic inequity and respond to stop and proactively prevent injustice by intervening on individual, institutional and system practices.

Our Values

  • Engagement: Bravely listen for understanding.
  • (Un)Learning: Reflect on your own behavior and understand the meaning of behavior that is applied by others.
  • Transformation: Change your approach in the future to be more adaptive and inclusive.

Our Goals

Our goals align with the college’s core themes:

  1. Student Success: Focus on the student’s experience by: growing, diversifying, and shaping our student body: building skills for success after graduation, and promoting programs and policies that facilitate student success.
  2. Teaching & Learning: Develop an educational community of anti-bias learning that adapts its goals and principles to the specific needs of learners.
  3. College Life & Culture: Create a constructive work and learning environment for students and employees that is safe, supportive, and engaging for professional and personal development.
  4. Community Engagement & Enrichment: Partner with (local, regional, state, national, global) communities to enhance the social, economic, and cultural well-being of our campus.

Last Updated September 23, 2019