We support and advance:

  • To provide students, faculty, and administrators with an environment conducive to collegiality, learning, and constructive participation in college life
  • To strive for diversity and pluralism in both the student body, the faculty, and the administration
  • To promote international exchange of scholars and students
  • To expand educational opportunities for persons of color, persons with disabilities, persons of different ethnic heritages, persons of different gender identities and orientations, and persons with limited financial resources.
  • We disseminate information about practices, policies, and procedures regarding equal opportunity, disability, harassment, and discrimination
  • We provide educational training to faculty, staff and students about their rights and responsibilities with regard to equal opportunity
  • We help departments, divisions, and pluralism committees to develop and achieve annual goals to fulfill the college’s Affirmation of Inclusion and Pluralism Compact.

You Are Welcome Here


Show your support for our diverse community and become a part of our “You Are Welcome Here” campaign! This inclusive message encapsulates our ongoing dedication to all of our students regardless of country of origin or immigration status, and our affirmation of inclusion that we are “committed to maintaining an environment in which every member of the campus community feels welcome to participate in the life of the College, free from harassment and discrimination.”

Please drop by our office for a flier to post on your door or window. Also please visit the BC Commitment to Students page or share this BC Commitment to Students PDF, which lists Bellevue College resources for refugee, immigrant or international students, federal and state laws and policies that could impact them, as well as community and national resources.

We are also planning a town hall meeting this quarter, stay tuned for more information.