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Our Commitment

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) primary function at Bellevue College is a cultural commitment to inclusion. We understand the root causes of inequity and disrupt behaviors that sustain systems of power through continuous learning and collaborative practices. We are responsible for compliance with policies covering discrimination, harassment, accommodations, equal opportunity, and prevention.

We will actively identify systemic inequity and respond to stop and proactively prevent injustice by intervening on individual, institutional, and systemic practices.

Engagement – Bravely listen for understanding and meaning
(un) Learning – Identify and confront misconceptions/biases
Transformation – Reconstruct new ways of interacting that address misconceptions, anticipate bias, and foster inclusion.

Our goals align with the college’s core themes:

Student Success: Focus on the student’s experience by: growing, diversifying, and shaping our student body: building skills for success after graduation, and promoting programs and policies that facilitate student success.

Teaching & Learning: Develop an educational community of anti-bias learning that adapts its goals and principles to the specific needs of learners.

College Life & Culture: Create a constructive work and learning environment for students and employees that is safe, supportive, and engaging for professional and personal development.

Community Engagement & Enrichment: Partner with (local, regional, state, national, global) communities to enhance the social, economic, and cultural well-being of our campus.

  • provide students, faculty, and administrators with an environment conducive to collegiality, learning, and constructive participation in college life.
  • strive for diversity and inclusion in both the student body, faculty, and administration.
  • promote international exchange of scholars and students.
  • expand educational opportunities for the spectrum of: persons of color, persons with disabilities, ethnic heritages, gender identities, sexualities, religious expressions, and limited financial resources.
  • disseminate information about practices, policies, and procedures regarding equal opportunity, disability, harassment, and discrimination.
  • provide educational training to faculty, staff, and students about their rights and responsibilities with regard to equal opportunity.
  • assist departments, divisions, and committees to develop and achieve annual goals to fulfill the college’s Affirmation of Inclusion and Pluralism Compact.