Federal Laws and Regulations

OCR – The Office for Civil Rights

The Office for Civil Rights, under the Department of Education, is the regulatory agency for all civil rights regulations. Any educational institution that receives federal funds is required to comply with the federal regulations, one of which is Title IX. Related publications can be found in the OCR Reading Room.

From the OCR Reading Room:

Jeanne Clery Act & Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act

The Jeanne Clery Act, originally called the Campus Safety Act was signed in 1990 and requires colleges to post their crime statistics. Since that time, there have been several amendments, one of which is the Camus SaVE Act, that expands the college’s reporting and response requirements with specific attention on sexual violence.

Campus Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights

VAWA – Violence Against Women Act

VAWA was signed into law in 1994 and providing funding to investigate and prosecute violent crimes against women. The 2012 re-authorization expanded the rights to same-sex couples, the right to apply for a temporary visa to undocumented individuals, and added non-discrimination language to extend protection to all genders.

Title IX at 40

Last Updated November 18, 2020