Health Sciences programs also require immunizations.  Again, these are to some extent specific to each program, and the information below only provides an overview.  You should check with the program you are interested in for details.

  • Tuberculin Status (TB Skin Test, also called a PPD test)
    • Initial 2-step TST is required AND confirmation of initial 2-step completion.
    • If no records of previous positive TB tests or more than 12 months since last TST then 2-step TST OR
    • Negative TB IGRA test within 12 months OR
    • If negative TST within 12 months –> 1-step TST
    • If newly positive TST or TB IGRA –> Follow up healthcare provider (chest X-ray, symptoms check and possible treatment documentation of absence of active M. TB disease) and need to complete health questionnaire
    • If history of positive TST –> provide results of TST reading, provide proof of chest X-ray documenting absence of M. TB, medical treatment and negative symptom check
    • If history of BCG vaccine –> TST Skin Testing as above or TB IGRA. If negative –> OK; If positive –> follow-up as above
  • Hepatitis B
    • Series of 3 vaccines completed at appropriate time intervals and post vaccination antibody titer at 6-8 weeks after series completion. If negative antibody titer, then repeat series (consisting of doses number 4 – number 6) and repeat titer 6-8 weeks after number 6 dose. OR obtain challenge dose number 4 and re-titer after 6-8 weeks OR
    • Provide results of positive titer (anti-HBs or HepB Sab) OR
    • Signed declination for students/faculty who decline vaccination
    • Specific healthcare institutions may require vaccination without exception (i.e. no declination)
  • MMR (Measles,  Mumps, Rubella)
    • Proof of vaccination (2 doses at appropriate intervals) OR
    • Proof of Measles immunity by titer AND
    • Proof of Mumps immunity by titer AND
    • Proof of Rubella immunity by titer
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
    • Proof of vaccination (2 doses administered at least 4 weeks apart) OR
    • Proof of immunity by titer
  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis)
    • Tdap vaccination required once after age 11 AND
    • Td required every 10 years after Tdap
  • Influenza (Flu Vaccine)
    • Proof of seasonal vaccination(s) OR
    • Signed declination for student/faculty who decline vaccination
    • Specific healthcare institutions may require vaccination without exception (i.e. no declination)

If you have further questions pertaining to your personal vaccine history, reach out to your medical provider for further clarification. An additional resource for more information is the Center for Disease Control.


Early Learning and Teacher Education programs

  • Courses in which students work directly with children require a TB skin test AND the MMR (see above).

Last Updated January 9, 2020