Andrew Buenbrazo

Health Sciences Education & Wellness Institute Office Coordinator

Ariane Hayes

Allied Health Education Program Chair

Carmina Cruz

Radiation Therapy & Radiologic Technology Program Manager

Chelsie Hanks

Health Sciences Education & Wellness Institute Director of Operations

Corvilia Thykkuttathil

Parent Education Program Assistant

DeeDee Orcajo

Early Learning & Teacher Education Program Chair

Gabriel Brown

Allied Health Program Manager & Health Sciences Education & Wellness Institute Division Lead

Jennifer Prekeges

Nuclear Medicine Technology Program Chair

Jonathan Molinaro Picture

Jonathan Molinaro

Writing Specialist/Coach


Jonathan is¬†the¬†writing specialist/coach for various HSEWI programs. Before coming to Bellevue College, Jonathan spent years as an English instructor, working for several universities and colleges in the Northeast and Northwest. As a student, he studied undergraduate English and Philosophy at Boston College, got his TEFL certification in Beijing, China, and completed an English M.A. program …more about Jonathan Molinaro

Jessica Berry

Radiation & Imaging Sciences Program Manager

Jorja Gunderson

Nursing Program Manager

Kimberly Hassell

Healthcare Technology & Management BAS Program Manager

Kris Miller

Radiologic Technology Program Chair

Lamont Thomas

Alcohol & Drug Counseling & Early Learning Teacher Education Program Manager

Leslie Heizer Newquist

Health Sciences Education & Wellness Institute Dean

Linda Schinman

Radiation Therapy & Medical Dosimetry Program Chair

Lisa Allen

Parent Education Program Director

Megan Sykes

Health Promotions Management & Healthcare Management & Leadership Program Manager

Melissa Meinhofer

Neurodiagnostic Technology, Continuing Nursing Education & Nursing Assistant Program Manager

Paula Ludtka

Health and Physical Education Program Manager

Paul Weatherly

Alcohol & Drug Counseling Program Director

Rachel Rosenthal

Health Promotion Management

Ray Butler

Health and Physical Education Program Chair, HSEWI Assistant Dean, Wellness Center Director

Shana Chung

Healthcare Management & Leadership Program Chair

Suzanne Beltz

Nursing Associate Dean

Suzanne Lane

Diagnostic Ultrasound & Nuclear Medicine Technology Program Manager

Terry Hatcher

Diagnostic Ultrasound Program Chair

Wendy Hatheway

Parent Education Registrar