Concentration in Mathematics

Mathematics Academic Concentration

Students pursuing an Associate in Arts and Science transfer degree may elect to complete an academic concentration in Mathematics by completing 20 credits in the concentration discipline. Ten of the 20 credits are required to be from MATH 208, 238 or MATH& 254; the other ten credits can be from any other college level mathematics courses.  Please note: students may apply only five credits from the concentration discipline to distribution requirements. The remaining 15 credits will apply as electives.

  • Go  to see a list of all concentrations students may pursue.
  • The concentration in math is an option for students who are applying for graduation with an AAS-DTA . This concentration can not be combined with an AS Science Track I or Track II degree.
  • Students will have to complete TWO applications: one for graduation and one for the math concentration.
  • To apply for graduation, visit and complete application online.
  • To apply for the Mathematics Academic Concentration, start a new application for graduation:; within the application, under the Degree Information section of the page, select Academic Concentration for Arts & Sciences DTA from the sub section:  What type of degree or certificate do you plan to complete?  Afterwards, in the subsection below: Academic Concentration for AAS-DTA  select Mathematics Concentration (MATH).

Last Updated February 7, 2022