The Fields Medal

There is no Nobel Prize for mathematics. Mathematics’ international equivalent is the Fields Medal, which is awarded every four years to (traditionally young — under 40 year-old) mathematicians for deep work of broad impact already accomplished and for the promise of more to come. In addition to super-star status in the scientific community, Fields Medal recipients receive six-figure monetary gifts.

The Lebon Prize & the Outstanding Calculus Student Award

Each June the BC Mathematics Department celebrates outstanding student achievement in mathematics with two awards: the Lebon Prize and the Outstanding Calculus Student Award. To be eligible for the Lebon Prize, students must have completed at least two of Maths 208, 227 and 238. In addition to shining in the classroom, Lebon winners typically contribute in other ways to the vitality of the Mathematics Department, such as working as Math Lab tutors or competing for the AMATYC Math League team. Outstanding Calculus Students must have completed three of Maths 151, 152, 153 and 254. Recipients receive certificates of recognition and a mathematical book.
One former Lebon Prize winner went on to graduate school in mathematics and eventually joined the BC mathematics faculty.

Last Updated January 9, 2018