Information Sessions

All prospective students are encouraged to attend at least one information session to learn more about prerequisite courses, application process and other program details. Please check out upcoming information sessions for the Nuclear Medicine program! Learn more…

Background Checks

Many professions require background checks. Bellevue College requires all students completing a clinical practicum to obtain national background checks at specific points in the course of their program. Acceptance into this program is contingent on a national background check, and one or more additional checks may be done in the course of the program.


Accepted students completing a clinical practicum must meet all immunization requirements. Upon acceptance into the program students will be required to submit copies of their immunization records. Learn more…

Education Plans & Degree Worksheets

As a student in the RAIS program, you will receive an education plan specifically tailored toto fit your interests, your previous coursework, and your schedule all while meeting the degree requirements for your program. Your education plan will be provide you the framework for your time here in the program. It is imperative that you follow your education plan exactly. Deterring from your education plan may cause your graduation timeline to extend. Any changes to your education plan must be discussed with your Program Manager prior to implementing the changes.

As you progress through the program, it’s important to check in periodically with the program regarding your educational plan. We use these plans to estimate enrollment for upcoming quarters and plan our curriculum to meet demand.  You can help us make sure the courses you want are available when you want them by letting us know anytime you make changes to the courses outlined on your plan.

Requesting Entry Codes

Entry codes allow students to take courses within the Nuclear Medicine programs without having been accepted into a program if space is available. If you are a current imaging professional seeking to take a 1-2 courses this is a great way to check the 300-400 level courses out! Entry Codes are not available for 100-200 level Nuclear Medicine courses at this time. Learn more…


Students should register early to avoid waitlists and late registration. It is highly recommend that you register as early as possible. Seats in general education courses such as ENGL 201 or BUS& 101 cannot be guaranteed by our program. Please note special registration and payment deadlines each quarter. Learn more…


To be considered, applicants must have completed (or be in the process of completing) the prerequisite courses listed on the most current degree worksheet. Please review the degree worksheet for the academic option you are pursuing! Individual advising & Transcript Review is available. Please reach out to the program for more information!

Last Updated February 12, 2018