Congratulations, now go reach for the sky

Congratulations on nearing your completion of the program. We have put this page together in order to assist you with all the steps required to prepare for graduation. Please read through the page carefully and complete each step. This last step in your academic journey officially places your degree or certificate on your transcript. If you do not complete these steps, your degree will not be posted and you will not be listed as graduated! Don’t miss out on receiving the diploma you worked hard to earn!

Step 1. Review the Graduation Deadlines

We encourage you to submit your graduation application by the early deadline listed. Meeting the early deadline ensures that your application is reviewed before it’s time to register for your last quarter. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to your schedule if it turns out you are deficient in meeting your graduation requirements.

Step 2. Review Your Degree Worksheet

Your degree worksheet helps to ensure that you have completed all required courses for graduation. Once you have reviewed your degree worksheet, schedule a time to meet and discuss the graduation requirements with your Program manager.

Step 3. Complete This Quick Contact Information Update

We may need to contact you after you graduate. Ensuring we have up to date personal contact information will help us make sure you have pertinent information about the program and the occasional flyer for a special course that you may be interested in taking. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you! You may receive 2-3 emails per year from us.

Step 4. Complete the Graduation Application

Once completed, please notify us that you have complete the application!

Step 5. Review Commencement Information 

This page is updated with information regarding commencement beginning in March! Be sure to check it often for information regarding your cap and gown, commencement times and locations, and more important information!

Last Updated December 8, 2021