Required Observations

The Nuclear Medicine (NMTEC) Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree requires applicants to observe in at least two nuclear medicine departments prior to the first interview. Many nuclear medicine departments are happy to welcome potential applicants as observers, so long as they are scheduled in advance and appropriate rules are followed. Three hours is about the maximum time for a single observation.

One of the observations must be with a nuclear medicine department that is a clinical site for the Bellevue College Nuclear Medicine Technology program. Details on arranging observations with BC Nuclear Medicine clinical sites can be found in the attached Required Observation Form (see below). If you are not living in the Puget Sound or Southeast Washington regions, this observation can be done in conjunction with the second interview. Observations prior to the first interview may be done in your local area.

The purpose of the observations is for you to gain a good understanding of the job of a nuclear medicine technologist. You should pay attention to all aspects of the job, ask questions, and make notes as needed so that you will remember what you observed. The observation at the program clinical site is also part of the interview evaluation, in that your behavior during the observation is included in the decision on acceptance into the program. Expectations for the observations include appropriate dress (business casual, no jeans, no open-toed shoes), no use of cell phones, and maintenance of confidentiality regarding patient information.

In preparation for your observation at one of the clinical sites associated with the Nuclear Medicine program, please review the list of clinical sites on the Required Observation Form, then contact Suzanne Lane ( with the name of the site(s) you would like to visit, labeled with 1st Choice, 2nd Choice, etc.. Suzanne will provide you with the list of required documents for the site(s) you have selected. You will then need to return to Suzanne electronic copies of all required documents (which may include your COMPLETE immunization records and background check) as listed. These electronic documents must be submitted to Suzanne at the same time (within a single email). The college will submit those documents to the clinical site on your behalf and, once approved by the clinical site, Suzanne will provide you with contact information for the clinical supervisor to allow you to make your appointment.

Please plan ahead and allow at least one to two weeks for the clinical site to review your documentation once submitted.

Many hospitals require documentation of immunizations and a background check, even for a short observation. The documentation you are asked to provide may include the following vaccination records:

  • Proof of current Covid-19 vaccination status
  • TB tests (2 within the last 12 months)
  • Tdap vaccine
  • MMR vaccine or positive titers
  • Varicella vaccine or positive titers
  • HepB immunizations and positive titer
  • current year flu shot

We would recommend that you begin gathering your vaccinations records immediately. More detailed information can be found on our Immunization Requirement page. As you find old records and obtain new vaccines & titers, please make electronic copies (.pdf or .jpg) and save them for future reference.

In addition, a background check may be required. You can obtain a Washington State Patrol background check for a nominal fee at Save an electronic copy of your background check results for submission with your additional documentation (if required.)

Last Updated January 9, 2024