OLSBC Student Shares the Ten Best Things About Bellevue College

Written by: Zeke, 3rd-year student in the Occupational & Life Skills Bellevue College (OLSBC)

When studying at Bellevue College, there are a ton of activities that you can do around campus. We’re here to countdown the ten best spots and activities at Bellevue College. 

The Ten Best Things About Bellevue College

1. Taking pictures of the water foundation

When students enter the C-building or campus, the first thing they’ll see is the water fountain which is the perfect place for taking pictures and to relax on a sunny day. 

The Bellevue College fountain on a sunny day
The fountain on the Bellevue College campus

2. Going to the Cafeteria

Since the main cafeteria reopened at the beginning of spring quarter, students and staff can order anything from the menu such as sandwiches, burgers, beverages and some soup. 

3. Visiting the C-Building 

The C-building is the best place to study, get coffee from the café and watch students play Nintendo Switch on one of the TVs. The most popular game on the Switch that’s been played by students is Super Smash Bros. There’s also Mario Kart tournaments hosted by OLSBC’s own Daniel.

a large television in the Bellevue College C-Building
TV in C-Building

4. Joining a Club or Activity 

If students want to consider making friends based on interests, they can join specific clubs such as Anime Club, ASG, Black Student Union, VR Club, Chi Alpha (a Christian group) and a Dungeons & Dragons Club which takes place online for OLSBC students. 

picture of a flier for the anime club posted on campus
Flier for Anime Club

5. Visiting the Library 

Need a quiet space to study? The BC Library is the right place. Besides the study rooms, there are places to check out books like graphic novels, fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, magazines and the little booklets called zines.

Need help finding a book? You can always ask your librarian, and they’ll help you right away. 

Selfie portrait of a college student in the Bellevue College library
Zeke in the BC LIbrary

6. The Bellevue College Residence Hall 

Housing isn’t that common in community college campuses. But for me, this is the first student housing building that I’ve seen or heard of. It’s another great place to study and relax. There’s even another student café where students can order pizza and wings or grab a snack along the way. 

7. Food Trucks

The food trucks are a fan favorite among students at Bellevue College, including OLSBC students. They come to campus on the first Tuesday of the month during spring quarter. Students can choose from a variety of food trucks such as Venezuelan, Thai, Italian, and Mexican food trucks. 

Selfie portrait of a college student in a Seattle Kraken beanie visiting a food truck
Zeke visiting the food trucks on campus

8. Attending a Student Concert

Students can attend a concert at the Carlson Theater so they can hear the angelic voices of the Acclaimed Bellevue College Concert Choir. Our students can also attend an orchestral concert at the Carlson Theater to hear classical instruments.

a college campus building on a sunny day
Outside the BC Carlson Theater

9. Visit the Bellevue College Bookstore

Students can come in and shop the bookstore for school supplies, apparel and grab a snack.  

School and office supplies section of a student bookstore
Inside the BC Bookstore

10. Take a Walk Around the Soccer Field

If students want to enjoy walking outside, the soccer field is the right place to be. In the OLSBC Walking & Jogging course, students get great exercise doing 3 laps around the soccer field. 

About Occupational & Life Skills Bellevue College

Occupational & Life Skills Bellevue College (OLSBC) is an associate degree program for students with learning disabilities. In our uniquely supportive skills-based program, students apply academic knowledge through community activities, service learning and social experiences. Students identify a career pathway, gain marketable, workplace-ready competencies, develop better interpersonal skills and complete an internship in alignment with their career goals.

Learn more about our program at an upcoming Information Session, open to all prospective students, family members/guardians, educators, counselors and other service providers. Come learn why OLS Bellevue College is one of the best colleges for students with learning disabilities.

Last Updated May 30, 2023